Marcus Götz turns to Tölzer Löwen

Marcus Götz wechselt von den Heilbronner Falken zu den Tölzer Löwen. (Foto: dpa/picture alliance)

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Half-Sweden is moving to Isar after four years in Heilbronn. “Markus is a strong two-way defender who will bring additional experience to our team,” explains managing director Jürgen Rumrich. “I know Marcus very well from my time at Schwenningen, he’s a complete team player. That’s what we’re looking for at Bad Tölz.”

Götz grew up in Gavle, Sweden—the Baltic Sea just outside the door and an ice hockey stick in hand. “It’s a city of about 100,000 people, two hours north of Stockholm. There are some nice corners, but I’m sure Bad Tölz is great with all the mountains,” said the left-shooter while waiting for his new home. “I’ve been to Bad Talz several times and the places I visited were really beautiful. We had a great year at Starbulls Rosenheim, we love Bavarian culture and people,” Götz continued. Along with Schwenningen, Bad Nauheim and Heilbronn, Rosenheim was one of the last four venues in Germany. His wife Sam also gave birth to their son Denver in Katchenstadt. So these three are now in a new environment. For Gotz, however, the role on the team has changed little. He was assistant captain for the past three years with the Falcons, was one of the team’s leaders and recorded the fifth most ice ages (over 20 minutes per game). “I gained a little bit during my year in Scotland. I myself played with a lot of great leaders who helped me grow and become a veteran myself now,” explains Gotz. “I play a quick first pass. And I like to go on the offensive. In the last few years, I have played a lot even in the minority, so I am an all-rounder. Götz scored six times in an opponent’s goal last season – more than ever in his professional career. This is one reason why he played an important role in the majority. Also there were 15 templates and the Falcons had the best +/- stats with +12.

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The sympathetic defender was denied the play-offs last season – the coronavirus slowed him down. “That was tough. You work for it all year round. Then you get to the playoffs and you have no chance to play. I lost my sense of taste and smell for three days, so I took it Felt only briefly. Otherwise I didn’t have any symptoms,” Götz explains. So nothing comes in the way of a good summer training session so Götz starts the next “mission playoff” in Bad Tölz since late summer. can do.

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