Masters: Victor Perez’s Staff

Masters: Victor Perez's Staff

Caddy: JP Fitzgerald

A former top amateur player, the Dublin native recently helped write some of the best lines in Irish golf history: he was in his friend’s bag Paul McGinley When later the winning put returned Rider cup He attended Belfry in 2002 Darren clark During his win WGC-Nec Invitation The following year, and clearly led Rory McElroy During their ten years of collaboration from 2008 to 2018, four majors ranging from 200th to first in the world are shining among others. Ernie Ells And Matthew wolf, He is the co-pilot Victor pares Since summer 2019, the pair won a couple of weeks agoAlfred Dunhill Link Championship In Scotland. « It helps a lot like me to have someone on my side whose experience allows me to know in advance what month I need to write “, Perez told us ahead of the last masters.

Coach Technique: Mike Magger

Born in New Jersey in 1957, Mike maghar Victor’s historical coach, whom he took under his wing as a teenager, Tarabasi became very sporty. Biarritz-Le Phare Golf Course. It is withinAmerican Golf Academy, A structure he built in 1997 at the Ilbritz International Training Center, a former circuit pro in the United States and Europe that began shaping Perez’s swing. Without stopping to teach young bassists golf, the American is still the French’s attracting coach, which he sometimes finds on both sides of the Atlantic. “We are fortunate to have a relationship in which I am not dependent on him to work, but it is always good to see each other from time to time to keep things right and to clarify certain aspects, on which I get involved. My life is a little bit “, Perez told us recently Player championship.

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Minor Sports Coach: Pete Cowen

The dashing Englishman in his seventies, after a few unsuccessful seasons European tour In the 70s and 80s, he quickly transitioned to teaching. Great good has taken him, as he has many of the best Europeans of the last twenty years, especially among current or former students. Lee westwood, Rory McLeroy, Graeme McDowell, Danny Willett, Sergio Garcia, Darren Clarke or Heinrich Stenson! Very famous for his expertise in small games, Pete Cowen Since the end of 2020, Victor Perez has been helping to progress in this area. “The fact of training with such a size suggests that he really wants to touch at the highest level”Is valuable Thomas levet.

Putting Coach: Phil Kenyan

Phil Kenyan

English too, but in his forties, Phil Kenyan To get into the field of the most difficult sport to master golf: very quickly. Trained by Harold SwasThe first benchmark in the region, the Kenyan has built a reputation as a master of the Greens thanks to its successHenrik Stenson, Justin got up, Rory McLeroy, Martin camara And others Gary woodland… Here again, the list is long-sleeved as long as its official site has a list of 10 winners of the Major, 22 players of the Ryder Cup and 43 winners on the circuit! based on Form hall On Liverpool’s side, this follower of advanced techniques has been providing his invaluable advice to Victor Perez since last year.

Physical Trainer: Ben Shear

The Scottish plain, New Jersey, is located a few miles from New York. Ben shires Golf and ice hockey is a benchmark in terms of physical preparation in both sports, which he has been involved in for over twenty years. Web simpson, Winner ofUS Open In 2012, et Luke donald, The former world No.1, has exclusively passed through his hands.

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Jeremy da silva

Physiotherapist: Jeremy da Silva

The only Frenchman to honor Victor Perez, or more precisely Franco-Portuguese, this physiotherapist based in the Bordeaux region has long developed into the world of football (he is brother to brother)Adrian Silva, Portuguese international who plays Sampdoria Of Genoa), especially in Valenkinese Football Club. He is one of the most popular practitioners of French golfers today, as he handles his colleagues in the European Tour Michel Lorenzo Vera in addition to Perez, Matthew Holiness, Adrian Sadier or Benjamin Hebert.

Deborah Graham

Mental Coach: Deborah Graham

Americans in Texas, in their sixties, Deborah Graham Is one Golf psychologist For over forty years. Author of the work entitled Eight signs of champion golfers Published in 1999, it has helped shape the minds of over 400 professionals PGA Tour, Champions tour And Lpg tour21 of which have won Major! Victor Perez has worked with her since 2017.

Club-producer: Dominic Griffiths

Equipment manufacturer responsible for European Tour Ping, It is the technician responsible for providing the best possible equipment for his clubs to Englishman Victor Perez!

Managers: Joe Shuchat and Brendan Barrack

Mindful sports group

Founder in early 2010 Winning identity, A data analysis platform dedicated exclusively to golf performance, this Canadian sold and launched its start-up Mindful sports group, A golfers management agency. Victor Perez, his most famous client, has since been associated with another Frenchman: Michel Lorenzo Vera. Based in Toronto, Which is true, Who worked for two years as a caddy on the North American professional circuit, is supported by Brendan Barrack, Former employee of the media departmentEuropean travel And its associated circuits.


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