McCall’s 120 Years Celebration On Main Street – Marseille News

McCall's 120 Years Celebration On Main Street - Marseille News

“The importance of neighborhood shops has never been greater than it is today. McCall CEO.

McCall kicks off its 120th anniversary celebrations in honor of serving local communities across the UK with essential groceries.

As part of the celebrations, birthday banners and window displays will be displayed in-store and a series of social media contests have been launched, giving McCall’s customers the chance to win coupons and more.

McCall’s 16,000 employees will also receive a staff discount and a box of toffees in recognition of Toffee’s founder Bob McCall.

Those celebrating the convenience store chain’s 50 years of service will also be telling their personal stories from over the years.

Robert Smith McCall.

McCall’s production began in 1901 when Scottish footballer Robert Smith “Toffee Bob” McCall, along with his brother Tom, decided to use the cost of his Newcastle United Football Club signing to establish three confectioneries in Glasgow branded RS McCall.

The business was successful, growing to 180 stores in the 1930s, then RS McCall was sold to Cadbury in 1931 before Bob retired in 1946.

The larger retail business that would eventually be called McCall’s was formed in 1973, including Forbes newsagents, which opened their first grocery store in 1994.

In 1998, McCall’s acquired Martin’s newsagent and convenience store chain, which was then owned by RS McCall stores in Scotland. The move made McCall the largest neighborhood retailer in the UK.

Today, McCall’s has expanded its domain to over 1,200 stores, with over 1,000 convenience stores selling supermarket quality and fresh groceries.

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McCall’s CEO Jonathan Miller said: “It’s a privilege to celebrate McCall’s 120-year rich history.”

“We are deeply grateful for the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of ‘Toffee Bob’ McCall in founding the company all those years ago, and today we have 16,000 associates who are proud patrons of this magnificent company.

“As a modern, food-focused convenience retailer with over 1,200 stores across the UK, McCall’s is very different from the confectionery business in 1901, but our core philosophy of serving local communities remained an unbroken stable at the heart of the business. Has happened. . .

“The importance of neighborhood shops has never been greater than it is today, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our associates for their hard work and relentless work to lay the foundation for the next 120 years of success. McCall’s For.

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