Melvin Mallard (OL) – Sandy Baltimore (PSG): Nuggets Duel

Melvin Mallard (OL) - Sandy Baltimore (PSG): Nuggets Duel

Melvin Mallard and Sandy Baltimore have a few things in common. They were born in the same year (2000) and both are attackers. In 2019, he also won the Euro in association with the Bluets in Scotland and was part of the elite squad for the competition. But, it is also about two young players with different profiles and different trajectories. However, Leonis Mallard (1m71, 62kg) and Parisian Baltimore (1m56, 62kg) also represent the future of their respective teams who face each other in the late 16th day match of D1 on this Sunday evening .

His season: Malard, Baltimore’s best prospect

last season, Melvin malard Paris has agreed to leave her cocoon in Lyon to move to the area and harden. For a few months, Mallard wore FC Fleury’s colors. The experience was reduced due to Kovid, but the time spent in the Essonian team actually allowed the young striker to move forward and develop. “When she went to Fleury, I rediscovered her, Our coach of France U19 and U20 team, Gilles Iquem told us. She was playing This was something new for him. I was feeling a more confident player. “


This is the number of minutes played by Melvin Mallard with OL this season. Often as a substitute, the young striker competed in 28 games and scored 6 goals in all competitions. (Figures: Fotofeminine)

Sandy baltimore The screen has burst this season and even Kovid, who contracted in March, has failed to slow it down. At the beginning of the season, she was not required to start in Olivier Acoufni’s team, but she quickly became unavoidable. Often placed on the left side of the attack with Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Kadiyatou Diani, she had a high-flying season and deserved her trophy as the best hope of DxNumx.


This is the number of minutes played by Sandy Baltimore this season. Parisienne participated in 31 games and scored 11 goals in all competitions. (Figures: Fotofeminine)

His profile: Mallard the Speed, Baltimore the Explosiveness

If they have different sizes, Melvin Mallard and Sandy Baltimore also have different and rather complementary styles, as we could see they were playing together in the selection. The right-handed mallard is tall, athletic “A profile a la Kadi Diani” According to his former coach David Fanzel at FC Fleury. The reunion, which has excellent technology, can move on or off the axis. “He is a beautiful athlete, solid in doubles with a good head game, For us Giles describes iquem. But he is still young and is sometimes lacking. She could be even more killer. She is so fickle that sometimes she forgets to be efficient. “

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Left-handed Baltimore takes advantage of its very low center of gravity to dodge its opponents with its dribble. Technically very talented, he is also very fast. He has often put it to the left, but Ekoufni has sometimes hesitated to put it to the right so that it is on its fine foot and takes advantage of its powerful ball strike. “He is very toned andIn addition to being a lane player, he is able to climb on his right foot, which was not the case before, Description of the Parisian coach. It becomes even more complete. “

What do their coaches say

Sonia Bompastor about Melvin Mallard: “Melvin is a young hopeful of the club, when she was loaned to Fleury, it did her great because she was able to play in D1. She has been steadily moving forward since returning. She has goals. There is room for improvement up front. She should have more of a killer spirit. But she is dynamic on the ground and listening. She tries to meet my travel expectations. It’s good to have her on the team. “


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