MHL announces regional draft selection

MHL announces regional draft selection

This year, five teams made a maximum of two selections. Two teams have been selected and will get a compensation option after the third round of the draft.

The five teams that do not make the regional selection will get compensation after the second and third rounds of the draft.

The 2021 MHL Draft will begin at 10 a.m. on July 10, with live coverage of the first two rounds in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland on Eastlink Community TV, channels 10 and 610.

The regional draft selections are as follows:

Team player Event Date of birth. cut weight birth place final team
amherst Jeremiah Martin d 2004-01-10 6’2 210 lbs Amherst, N.-É. Week Major U18
campbelton anyone
Edmundston Matthew Pelletier C 2005-03-01 5’7 165 lbs Saint-Jacques, NB Mount Academy Saints U17
colby morin AG 2005-10-08 5’11 » 165 lbs Saint-Leonard, N.-B. Fredericton Caps
grand salt anyone
Fredericton Noah Standing d 2004-04-08 6’4 195 lbs Frederickton, N.-B. Fredericton Caps U18
salem johnson d 2005-08-26 5’10’ 165 lbs Frederickton, N.-B. Mount Academy U18
Miramichi anyone
Picto County Logan Crosby a 2005-12-14 6’2 180 lbs Salt Springs, N.—Yes. Week Major U18
Corey McGilvray d 2005-00-00 5’10 » 148 lbs New Glasgow, N.—Yes. Week Major U18
south coast anyone
summerside keifer thompson g 2005-01-04 6 155 lbs Summerside, PE Kensington Wild U18
truro Simon Mullen d 2005-09-17 6’1″ 180 lbs Brookfield, N.—Yes. Week Major U18
Tim Porter d 2003-03-23 6 170 lbs Lower Onslow, N.-It. Week Major U18
valley cam henderson C 2003-08-14 6 190 lbs New Minas, N.-It. Mount Academy
nolan fowler AG 2005-06-26 6’1″ 160 lbs Coldbrook, N.-E. Wally Wildcats U18
yarmouth anyone
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