MHL: Campbelton Tigers have the last word in Edmundston

MHL: Campbelton Tigers have the last word in Edmundston

Although the locals managed to fill two losses (2 to 0 and 3 to 2), the Tigers took the lead each time. Alexandre David (3rd star) and Derrick Dubey-Plouffe gave Tigress a 2–0 priority.

Then, Blizzard’s youth took matters into their own hands. Jacob Long (2nd star) and Matthew Pelletier alternately scored their first career goals in the Maritime Hockey League in the second period at 5:43 and 3:45. Ludovic Harrison (1st star) broke the tie 2–2 at 6:39 of the third period.

Tristan Fortin returned both teams to square one at 10:58 with his 6th goal of the campaign. Ballard, however, came to an end in a beautiful duel, offering tough play on both sides. Long finished his night with a goal and an assist (2-2-0-0) for Blizzard. Jordan Briere and Cal Macdonald made two assists each at Tigress Camp (3-0-1-1). Edmundston dominated the shots 38-32.

The win went to goalkeeper Isaac Pelletier (Tigress) and backhand Nicolas Sheehan (Blizzard). Blizzard will play its next game on Saturday, October 16 against Grand Falls Rapids at the Jean-Diegel Center (7:30 p.m.).

The Truro Bearcats were to be opposed to the Blizzards, but due to cutout measures in some areas of New Brunswick, the Nova Scotia teams were suspended. Grand Falls and Edmundston have agreed to move their games from October 30 to October 16.

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