More women’s hockey in 2022

More women's hockey in 2022

In fact, next month the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) may announce the addition of the Women’s World Championship after the presentation of the Olympic tournament.

Men tend to participate in such an event during the Olympic years, unlike women.

It was the only IIHF event, the only category, where there was no international competition in the same year as the Olympics., IIHF board member, Zuzsanna Kolbenhauer told The Canadian Press.

The city to host this World Cup in August 2022 has not been chosen yet.

This will be the third major women’s hockey tournament in a year, after two difficult years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2021 World Championships, rescheduled in August and moved to Calgary after Nova Scotia refused to host the event in May, finally started within six months of the Beijing Winter Games, which will be held in February.

The more contests we can add to our calendar, the betterAmerican striker Hilary Knight said.

The focus is mostly on the Olympics, but having world championships, even in Olympic years, is important.

The national director of Hockey Canada’s women’s teams, Gina Kingsbury, is set to work hard for 2022, which promises to be an especially busy one.

If we want our game to rise on the international stage, we must continue to have visibility and play at the highest level. It is important to have a world championship every year.


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