National League again gives and adjusts foreign regulation

National League again gives and adjusts foreign regulation

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National League again gives and adjusts foreign regulation

The National League on Thursday took important decisions for the future of the Swiss Hockey League. When it comes to the number of foreigners, a compromise is made.

A banner was planned for league reform at the time in the empty fan corner of the BCF Arena in Freiburg.

key principle

From the 2022/23 season, the top Swiss ice hockey leagues should be able to use seven instead of four foreigners. This was decided by the National League in late January. Players, fans and Swiss ice hockey players are delighted with the decision. The Sihpoo Players Association drew attention to itself with protests. Pressure from various quarters has borne fruit, as is evident from the National League release issued on Thursday afternoon.

“From the 2022/23 season, the number of overseas players per team and game will depend on the size of the league. For example, the number of foreign players in 12 teams remains unchanged at 4. In 13 or 14 teams, the number is 5 or 6 overseas players respectively. The number of foreigners for the next season is reduced, that is, for example, if the number of clubs is reduced by one club for the 2026/27 season, the number of foreigners is reduced for the purpose of the 2027/28 season. Here goes the advanced squad plan. Any player moving to North America in the NHL is included in these quotas and can no longer be compensated with additional overseas players. ,

It was also decided that the National League should consist of 10 to 14 clubs (currently 13 teams). As soon as 14 clubs are included in the National League, a league qualifier will be played against the Swiss champions of the Swiss league. The Spengler Cup will remain a permanent fixture in the National League schedule. (Gave)

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