Nations League: Israel Threatens to Accuse Third Division

Nations League: Israel Threatens to Accuse Third Division

“Our aim is to defeat Scotland and achieve what we want to do. To be in the second division, ”the Austrian said. Ruttensteiner took office in the early summer from his compatriot Andreas Herzog. Qualification ended in the play-off of the European Championship – in Scotland of all places. In the League of Nations, promotion to League A would likely remain intact with a win on Sunday in the Czech Republic, but the goal was also unattainable due to a 0–1 defeat.

According to media reports, Rustensteiner, who will succeed Josie Aboxis as the boss of the Israeli team, may remain with the association as technical director. The former inFB sports director held the position before undertaking a new assignment in June 2018 due to a coronovirus crisis. The decision should be taken after talks with the association’s owner, Oren Hassan.

Practically only round danger through Sehvi

For failure in previous games, Ruttensteiner wanted to identify the reasons. He said, ‘We have problems with the last pass and are also dependent on Sahvi. We need more players who can score goals. It is also a problem of confidence, ”the 58-year-old said after the match in the Czech Republic. If Sehvi, who was stormy for PSV Eindhoven, scored five goals in five Nations League games, the entire team could only score six times.

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Aran Sahavi was responsible for all six of Israel’s league goals with one exception

Scotland made it to the European Championships last week, and the Slovaks, who also qualified for the European Championships, then lost 1–0. If Slovakia wins against the Czech Republic in Pilsen, Israel should also win to avoid League C’s charge.

Hungary and Finland have growth opportunities

In addition to Scotland, the Czech Republic and Austria, Hungary and Finland, among others, will fight for the promotion of the elite league on Wednesday. Hungary have to do better in their guest appearance in Serbia than the Russians in a long-distance duel with the tied leader Russia in a home game against Turkey. Finland are one point behind Wales in their group of leaders and therefore need to win in a direct duel at Cardiff.

Italy and Belgium withdraw final four tickets

League A still has the last four places available in two groups. Italy wants to keep the Netherlands and Poland at a distance with success against Bosnia-Herzegovina. If the Italians lose points at Sarajevo, the Dutch will continue with a win at Chorzo, while Poole need a home win against Austria’s opponents in the European Championship as well as a loss to “Squadra Azzura”.

Belgium are set to win the group before their home game against Denmark, but Dens can advance to third place in the World Cup with success in Brussels. The third England is out of the race for a final four ticket before their home appearance for the final four down against Iceland.

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