New UHC women’s coach demands dedication and passion

New UHC women's coach demands dedication and passion


New UHC women’s coach demands dedication and passion

Am Johannes Persson Valentineskamp for Campus Suites.

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Longtime Bundesliga player Johannes Persoon has inherited from Bundesliga hockey club Klaas Henkel and has to proceed with the reconstruction.

Hamburg. The image that describes his mindset has burned itself in the minds of everyone who sees it. As johannes person Pulls out the teeth of a rodent and two canines from his bleeding mouth, wraps them in a handkerchief, has his lips sewn up for a while and returns to the hall floor a few minutes later Harvesthooder THC To help win – Unconditional commitment could hardly be demonstrated more impressively. That was five and a half years ago, and the 28-year-old can smile at the gruesome anecdote today, thanks to his perfectly crafted bridles that have since adorned a tooth damaged by an opposing bat.

this should be good news for them hockey women From Uhlenhorster HCThat their new head coach doesn’t expect that kind of commitment from him. “Looking back, I shouldn’t have continued to play. I made this decision in a state of shock at the time, after which I lay really flat for two weeks because my body wanted to show me it couldn’t be done that way,” he says.

UHC Women’s Coach Person demanded Josh

Those who are injured should take care of themselves. The Hamburg native expects dedication and passion from all who are in full possession of their physical strength. “Always give everything that is possible, that is my saying. And I want my team to transmit that too,” he says.

Johannes Persoon, who most people call JoJo, quickly noticed that he was interested in a coaching job. At the age of 15 he joined his hometown club Grossflotbaker THGC as the coach of the Sea Girls. “I enjoyed it so much that I’ve lived with it ever since,” he says. When, after a season as assistant coach for Klaas Henkel, the offer came in for a successor to the master coach, who, after eight years at the UHC, took over the newly created position of sports director, he did not need to think twice. Was. “If you have the ambition to train in the Bundesliga, you cannot turn down an offer like this,” he says.

UHC loses Charlotte Stappenhorst

In order to allow enough time for the new challenge given his main job at home sports equipment retailer Latupo’s online sales, Johannes Persoon decided to end his active career at GTHGC, having been relegated from the Bundesliga, and focus on The focus was on rebuilding the UHC as a whole, which at least under Henkel collected three German championship titles at the ground and two in the hall.

With international striker Charlotte Stappenhorst, who has returned to her homeland Berlin for Second Division team Zellenderfer Wespen, the club has lost its best corner scorer and goalscorer. Along with Jan Muller-Weiland and Hannah Seifert, two extremely important supports are missing for professional reasons for the first half of the 2021/22 field season, which begins the first weekend in September.

“We don’t want to hide”

“It will be a big challenge to absorb it,” says the new head coach, “but my game idea is aggressive.” We don’t want to hide, we want to sport a running-intensive system and be at top level physically. Scottish newcomer Amy Costello, Swiss under-21 national player Charlene Hesselhaus and former floatbaker Ida Collinger, who is moving from Mülheim, should help.

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Persoon and the team are looking to set a session goal at training camp in Lübeck this weekend, but participation in the quarter-finals is their minimum requirement. He himself wanted to get a new job as soon as possible without completely separating from his predecessor. “I learned an incredible amount from the class and I’m so glad she offered her support,” he says.

Person to fill gaps in UHC team

Henkel is confident that his desired successor will soon succeed in the transformation. “Apart from the fact that I am personally and professionally confident of him, the team also spoke strongly in his favor,” he says. Johannes Persson shows his most beautiful smile when asked about this compliment. His task now is to address the shortcomings of the new UHC team.

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