Neymar’s Injury: Ligue 1 Los Vs.

Neymar's Injury: Ligue 1 Los Vs.

Paris Saint-Germain have been knocked out of the top spot in Ligue 1 after losing 1-0 at home to Olympic Lyonnais on Sunday. Tino Cadaver scored the only goal of the game 35 minutes later when Carl Toko chased down the victim at the Park des Princess by Ekambi and could not find his way back into the PSG match. Substitute Callien Mbappe was thrown out after 65 minutes, but that wasn’t enough, and Rudy Garcia’s men saw the win bring pressure back to the top of Thomas Tushel after a recent good revenge in the Champions League.

To make matters worse, Neymar appeared to have a serious ankle injury at the time of his death, as Thiago Mendes was seen red by a video-assisted referee (VAR).

Lille are now ahead in France and Leon are second with one point more than PSG while Marseille are just one point behind Les Parisians but have two games in hand.

The takeaway from the match is here.

Neymar took off

Although the outcome is crucial and could bring heavy disruptions between now and the end of the season, Neymar’s injury is likely to be as crucial. He would not have had the desired effect on the pitch on Sunday, as Tushel would have hoped, but losing to Brazil at any time in this crucial moment in an international match is a terrible blow. Neymar is taking tests on Monday.

RB scored a hat-trick in Istanbul Basaksir’s Midweek Champions League after scoring important goals against both Leipzig and Manchester United, to lose before the crucial League 1 match against Lille and that too is brutal. Blow

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Unless PSG finds some new source of inspiration – possibly the injury itself – they will have lost the key to getting out of the current situation.

Leon looks like a contender

With no continental football to disrupt them this season, Leon is building a strong run of form to emerge as a serious title challenger. Controversial Marseille have also won in Paris while Lilly will host PSG before Christmas and have a great chance to hit a potential killer in the title race.

OL is now unbeaten in 11 Ligue 1 matches with five straight wins with win-win games by the end of the year.

Garcia was not the most popular choice when the club replaced Silvinho at the stadium, but he is in a great position to create serious pressure for the club’s first league title since 2007-08.

Struggle for PSG

Make no mistake, PSG are struggling locally and fighting to retain their Lig 1 crown. Leo won the fourth champion of the season over Tushel’s men, the worst record at this stage of the Qatar-owned campaign, and the capital outfit looks more sensitive than ever.

Players seem united and the collective performance is sluggish while opponents like Leon and Marseille – who also won in the Parc des Princes – seem sharp and hungry on the local front.

Take a look at the League 1 race

For a league that has been criticized for PSG’s continued title streak, potential fights between Capital Club, Lille, Lyon, Marseille and possibly even Monaco are also welcome.

Given some of the results this season on PSG, especially the victories of OL, OM and ASM, a repeat of Les Monegasque’s 2016-17 success cannot be ruled out. With the landscape of French football in the process of changing with the news of MediaPro fall, League 1 is showing itself to be more attractive than ever.

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Tushel on borrowed time

Despite an admirable turn in Champions League Group H, Tushel will not be able to sustain many more results like this and a green win next week could seal his fortunes.

If the PSG were unable to defend a place in the next stage of Europe, the Germans would already withdraw from the argument. The French giants expect the home side to win everything and move on to a deeper race on the continental stage and it is possible that they will not get any of it if this form continues.


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