Nova Scotia | NDP fielded candidates in the name of Green Party

  Nova Scotia |  NDP fielded candidates in the name of Green Party

(Halifax) Canada’s Green Party decided to field a candidate in Nova Scotia that was dumped by the NDP ahead of its 2019 election campaign, over a tweet comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, Rana Zaman announced that he was officially a candidate for the Green Party in Dartmouth-Cal Harbour, the same constituency he wanted to represent in 2019 when he was named ‘an old online publication’ by the NDP. ‘ was rejected. had re-emerged.

MMe Zaman, an activist committed to the Palestinian cause, was then criticized for comments online that condemned the use of force by the Israeli military against Palestinian protesters.

One of the messages posted by Mr.Me Zaman compared Israel’s actions in Gaza during the Holocaust to Nazi Germany in Europe.

Rana Zaman offered an apology for his comments when he resurfaced, saying he realized his comments could be “inappropriate, hurtful and unfortunately perceived as anti-Semitic”.

In a brief telephone interview on Tuesday, Mr.Me Zaman declined to comment on the matter and mentioned that a statement would be issued later.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is already a sensitive issue within the Green Party of Canada. The issue has contributed to fueling internal squabbles within the political formation since the appointment of leader Annie Paul in October 2020.

Last June, outgoing New Brunswick MP Jenika Atwin left the party to join the Liberals after calling Israel’s policy in Palestine “apartheid”. He also criticized Chef Annie Paul for his more traditional position in the conflict, calling it “totally inadequate”. Other disagreements in the party’s management also prompted the decision of Mr.Me a twin.

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A controversy broke out within the party after Noah Zatzman, a close adviser to the leader, accused unidentified Green lawmakers of anti-Semitism. This advisor has since resigned.


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