NS. Kayakers Train in Preparation for the Tokyo Olympics

  NS.  Kayakers Train in Preparation for the Tokyo Olympics

If it wasn’t the pandemic, it was in Florida that Andreen Langlois, Michelle Russellhandjob Allana Bray-Logheed and maddie schmidt Training will take place at this time of year.

With the borders closed, four athletes were paddling at Bannook Lake in Dartmouth.

We are really lucky to be able to practice our game, Andreen Langlois explains.

We know that COVID-19 has brought many challenges. We are so grateful that we can practice our sport, then even practice with the people we love.

The water at this time of year in Nova Scotia is cooler and therefore denser than in Florida, increasing the level of exercise difficulty.

It’s heavy, so the boat slides down less quickly […] it slows us down a bit, Andreen Langlois admits.

But, it is an exercise with a resistance, so it is sure that it will suit us because as soon as we go into the hot water, it will become very fast.

Epidemic Training

national women’s kayak team coach, Chad Brooks, praising the ability of its athletes to adapt to the situation imposed by the pandemic.

This is definitely a year that forces us to develop our resilience, he told.

Since the team has not had many international meetings this year, the Cackers are eager to return to the competition.

Andreen Langlois started kayaking at the age of 7.

Photo: Radio-Canada

In May, they will travel to Europe for the Canoe Kayak World Cup in Hungary.

Upon his return, training for the Tokyo Games will continue, without knowing if they will actually take place.

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We really try to be as optimistic as possible, says Andreen Langlois.

I train every day, games are coming up and I think if it doesn’t happen, we’ll just adjust.

Given the rise in COVID-19 cases in Nova Scotia in recent days, it is alone that four athletes will continue to train for now.

From the report of Paul Legeres


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