Oh, the way to an unwanted person!

Oh, the way to an unwanted person!

On loan from Celtic Glasgow, Olivier Ntcham should return to his club next summer.

Olivier Ntcham should not make old bones in Marseille. Arrived in the most confusion, the International Hope French did not really manage to revive within the Marseille club. Under a contract with Celtic Glasgow, the Scotland midfielder is expected to meet his coach John Kennedy.

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Olivier Ntcham back in Scotland?

“We do not close any doors for Olivier. I talked to him a few weeks ago. I have a great relationship with him. He was eager to take on a new challenge, and was accepted by the club. But if there is a change this summer, Olivier might be motivated to give Celtic another chance, Explained the technician at a press conference this week.

“He is a very good player, as we know, so this is a conversation that will have to happen at the end of the season, if Olivier has to come back and fight for Celtic. He can be an important part in the future, because he is a talented player. (…) It did not work in Marseille, for that, sometimes the grass is not greener elsewhere. He is a good guy, he is professional and in the coming weeks the club will have to talk to him about his future. “

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