OM: Ntcham considers for PSG

OM: Ntcham considers for PSG

“I was a supporter of this team (PSG, editor’s note) when I was younger. It’s very close to a dream for me and my family.” Prior to facing Paris Saint-Germain with Celtic Glasgow in 2017 in the Champions League, midfielder Olivier Ntcham (25) made these remarks, which inevitably came to the surface after his arrival at the Olympic de Marseille, to buy There was a loan share with an option. When asked about this Tuesday on the occasion of his presentation, Marseille admitted that recruiting takes place.

“I am a contestant. I am from Paris so obviously I supported the club in my city, relating the native of Largejume. Today, if there is Paris-Marseille, there is no support in the area. They are advisors. , It is. War, I don’t have time to talk with anyone despite the fact that they are the people I grew up with, and with whom they competed. We know each other and they know That is my mindset. “

To assure the most skeptical history, the former French international Espoyers reminded that he did not hesitate to join Cannabare. Ntcham concluded, “This is when Barca or Real call you, you can’t refuse me. As a Frenchman, this is Marseille. I can’t ask for Marseille to live in Scotland.”

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