‘One of the best in League One’ – Bristol Rovers opponents Doncaster Rovers inside line

'One of the best in League One' - Bristol Rovers opponents Doncaster Rovers inside line

Bristol Rovers will have to beat a player who can “dominate” if they are to take the result against Doncaster Rovers on Saturday.

The new League One travels to the Gas Keept Stadium in search of their first win of the campaign, but with four points from two games, Darren Moore represents a very tough test for Donnie Ben Garner’s side.

In particular, Donnie midfielder Ben Whiteman has been highlighted as a key player, the pirates must be stopped if they want to claim victory in South Yorkshire.

To get the inside line on Doncaster, talk to Bristol Live Liam Hoden, This Doncaster Free Press’ Donnie Reporter.

From a distance it looks like Doncaster’s season has started well. What have you done with their acting?

They were excellent last week against Charlton and fully qualified for their 3-1 victory. Once they established control over midfield by the first half they were impressive.

He lacked control against MK Dons on the opening day of the season and was second best for the long term of the game.

When they make their progress and move the ball intelligently, they are a very good team.

Overall, even when you consider cup games, the Rovers find their feet after the start of the season.

Given the long break and the relatively short pre-season, plus the addition of new faces, which was always expected. But they have been performing well so far and it has been a very positive start.

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What system and style of play is Darren Moore expected to use on Saturday?

Since arriving at the club last summer, he has shown great confidence in the He-૨–3-11 system, as well as an aggressive approach based on possession.

Ben Whitman will sit deep deep midfield two and play a game with plenty of speed and aggression in front of him. The game stays fast and always with the aim of pushing plenty of men forward.

Doncaster manager Darren Moore.

Are there any injuries or suspensions that hinder Moore’s choice?

The only injury is to forward Raihan Tuloch on loan from West Brom. A hamstring injury forced him out early in Charlton and he will miss two or three weeks. Rogers has other options in the position that could include Jason Lokilo or James Coppinger.

What are the club’s expectations this season and what is the mood between the fanbases?

It’s hard to lower expectations because of what has happened this year and how Rovers have adjusted to it.

The specific objective is to challenge the top six finishes with a level playing budget that will facilitate it.

The Rovers have been very careful about how they draw the budget for this season and it is difficult to read whether other clubs care much.

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Although the players have signed, at least constant pressure should be expected on the top six finishes. They are a young and exciting team, although inexperience in the group can help them in any way.

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The mood between the fanbases is very good. There has been a flurry of loan numbers and a lack of long-term contracts, but most players seem to be happy with the caliber they have brought.

Gas Who should be careful?

Brighton Loney Taylor Richards has been excellent so far and has it all. He will play in the advanced midfield three, pinch the ball and move on. It looks like a bright future. Arsenal striker Tires John-Jules is another exciting young player who has shown real glitter of quality.

Ben Whitman of Doncaster Rovers

Ben Whiteman has shown himself to be one of the best, if not the best, players in his position in League One. He can dominate the game between the parks and really help the Rovers in the tick.

Special mention must be made for midfielder Madger Gomes. He didn’t score for the Rovers before the start of the season and, in fact, he never really felt like scoring. But he has won three of four matches so far this term, due to a newfound desire to shoot from outside.

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Confidence is low after last week’s win at Charlton so I can say a 2-1 home win.


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