Opposing the sale of Owl Head Park to a developer | election nova scotia 2021

  Opposing the sale of Owl Head Park to a developer |  election nova scotia 2021

park owl head, which was once on the list of land in need of protection, has been removed from that list by the liberal government, without informing the public.

This isn’t the first time a Nova Scotian has performed to save owl head.

The park covers 285 hectares of land that was removed from the list of properties to be protected by the Liberal government in 2019, in an effort to negotiate its sale and changes to the golf course.

The then Minister of Lands and Forests was none other than the current leader of the Liberal Party, Ian Rankin.

Opponents of the Owls Head land sale demonstrated in Halifax.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Protesters say the decision was taken in secret, without transparency. This is something that was planned a long time ago and if it wasn’t for a guy who had the courage to tell a CBC reporter, we wouldn’t even have known., says Jocelyn Marchand, a resident of Grand-Pré.

Opponents raised the issue of environmental protection, as the park is home to several endangered species, which has a rare ecosystem.

There are also supporters of the project. some residents ofEast coast, where the park is located, are on the side of the golf course.

They believe that the project will be good for the economy of the region and will attract tourists.

A wild property by the sea in winter.

Owl’s head field.

Photo: Radio-Canada

This argument is however refuted by some protesters, who believe that such development benefits only the wealthy and that the money will not remain in the community.

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90-95% of the money created there will be gone after it is madeSuezanne Aiken of Prospect says.

Leader of the Nova Scotia NDP, gary burrillopposes the project. He took part in the demonstration on 17 August with a promise to stop the sale if his party was brought to power in the provincial elections.

liberal leader Ian Rankin Assures that this sale is not certain and that a public consultation will be held before a decision is made.

From a report by Paul Light


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