ÖSV nominates 28 athletes for the Nordic World Championship in Oberdorff

ÖSV nominates 28 athletes for the Nordic World Championship in Oberdorff

The Presidium of the Austrian Ski Association nominated its squad for the Nordic World Championships in Oberdorff from 23 February to 7 March on Saturday evening at the suggestion of sports management. Austria will be represented by a total of 28 athletes at the 53rd World Championships in Allgau. Twelve of them are female, 16 are male.

Marita Kramer, Stefan Kraft and Johannes Lamparter have the biggest expectations at the ÖSV Squad Rest. For the domestic World Cup 2019 in Sefeld, Ski Jumping World Cup record winner Gregor Shalinenzauer was not called again.

For the first time in the World Cup gold, silver and bronze battles, the joint athletes, who fought their only World Cup in Ramsau last December, are included. ÖSV sends four women to Germany.

TheSV’s World Cup nomination for the Nordic World Cup in Oberstdorf:

SKI JUMPING – Women (5): Chiara Hölzl (S), Daniela Erasco-Stolz (St), Marita Kramer (S), Eva Pinkelig (V), Sophie Sorsch (K)

Men (6): Philip Ashenwald (T), Manuel Fettner (T), Michael Haybock (OH), John Horl (S), Daniel Huber (S), Stephen Kraft (S)

Nordic Coordination – Women (4): Lisa Hirner (St), Sigrun Kleinrath (Upper Austria), Claudia Purker (S), Annalna Slamik (T)

Men (6): Martin Fritz (St), Lucas Greidner (T), Thomas Jobstle (K), Lucas Klafer (St), Johannes Lamparter (T), Mario Seidel (S)

CROSS-COUNTRY – Women (3): Teresa Stadlober (S), Lisa Unterweger (St), Barbara Walchhofer (S)

Heran (4): Michael Fottinger (S), Benjamin Moser (T), Lucas Mkonjic (S), Mika Vermeulen (St.)


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