Outaouai. A unique opportunity to promote women’s hockey in

 Outaouai.  A unique opportunity to promote women's hockey in

I wanted to promote college women’s hockey with the girls here and wanted them to be in areas to play with their friends., says he who manages teams in the three disciplines within the school.

A year after introducing this program, the first of its kind in Outouis, Unique finally played their first meetings in a league of preparatory schools (prep school) American and Canadian. The pandemic apparently delayed the presentation of the first matches.

I am sure the new team will help us in the development of the players. The development in our league is going to be bigger and so is the caliber. I believe playing in college opens up the possibility for other girls from outside to come and play in the outhouse and show that we are capable of watching., confirms Jane McGuire, who had previously played in Segpe de Rimouski.

Forward Jane McGuire returned home to Outouis, to align with Universal affiliates.

Photo: Jonathan Jobin

The team would travel extensively with a season in the form of tournaments against teams from Ontario, New Brunswick, and eventually the United States. For its first year, the program’s success will not be counted towards the number of victories.

Want to win, but for the first year, we will go with the basics, then try to perform more and especially gain experience., Great Striker adds.

, We will focus on developing, learning and teaching. ,

, a quote from Patrick LaSalle, Universal College

The medium term objective will be to bring more female students to university programs.

i wanna play college and that’s why i came here, says Lycia Pelletier, who left his region of Bass-Saint-Laurent to play in Outouis. he was the one the challenge For me. We will compete, develop and improve a lot.

model for young girls

No one can doubt the commitment of the unique players. They take a bus from the Hull sector almost every morning before sunrise to go to the Val-des-Monts area for training.

We want to prove that we are capable of having a collegiate women’s team at Outouis. The image we give is good for the generations to come. The team will give opportunities to players who want to be here to do so, exact Jane McGuire,

Hockey players stand on the blue line after the national anthem is interpreted before the game.

Universal College Unique players (in white and green) want to prove that women’s hockey deserves more attention.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jonathan Jobin

Players are counting on this new program to give them visibility, which is sometimes difficult to achieve in the women’s sport.

Things are starting to unlock in women’s hockey, we have more visibility. I think showing what we can do will improve the situation for girls, continues Lycia Pelletier.

Girl sitting near ice rink after workout.

Universal College has attracted players from outside the field, such as striker Lycia Pelletier.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jonathan Jobin

If young women rise to the challenge, their path into school hockey may continue.

The goal with our daughters is really to give them the best possible visibility to universities. They are here for it. We wish they could continue their studies in Canadian or US universities, dream Patrick LaSalle.

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Unique doesn’t lack ambition. But the challenge still promises to be significant. The team has yet to win pre-season matches or in its first weekend of activity.


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