“Para-Challenge” Series – 5 Self-Experimented Parasports – Part 5: Wheelchair Rugby – Sport

“Para-Challenge” Series – 5 Self-Experiment Parasports – Part 5: Wheelchair Rugby – Sport – SRF

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During the Paralympics, SRF Sport changes perspective and takes on the role of para-athletes.

How does a sprint feel with a visual impairment? What are the challenges in Wheelchair Rugby? Or: How do you win a wheelchair race? Our reporter Christoph Mugler examines these and other questions during the Paralympics.

He dared to try it himself in collaboration with Swiss para-athletes. In each episode he tries to master a challenge that the athletes have given him.

Episode 5: Wheelchair Rugby with Sylvana Heglin

Almost everything is allowed in wheelchair rugby – except body contact. How does our reporter cope with training with the Swiss national team? He should score 2 goals against Sylvana Heglin’s team.

Episode 4: Driving Blind Tandem with Christoph Winstorf

There’s no point in blindly moving forward for Christophe Winstorff now – that’s different for our reporter. Will he and the observed pilot Hervé Krebs reach the required 55 km/h on the Grenchen track?

Episode 3: Wheelchair Athletics with Manuela Sharo

Manuela Shar is one of the biggest medal collectors in parasports. This gives our reporter a 45-second lead over the 400 meters. Is this enough?

Episode 2: Wheelchair Badminton with Cynthia Mathez

Steering a wheelchair as well as hitting the shuttle over the net – this requires a lot of coordination. Will our reporter score the required 7 points in a set of 21 against world-class player Cynthia Mathes?

Episode 1: Sprinting with the Blind with Philip Handler

Sprinter Philip Handler’s vision is less than 10 percent. Running around corners becomes a challenge. How is our reporter doing in a 200m duel with a 20m lead?

SRF Zwei, Opening Ceremony Live, 08/24/2021 at 1 pm;

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