Phil Mickelson has a good reason to wear sunglasses on a golf course

Phil Mickelson has a good reason to wear sunglasses on a golf course

Phil Mickelson recently added a new look to the golf course: sunglasses.

It’s not just to help “Lefty” look nice. As part of the detailed facial treatment below, Michaels began wearing sunglasses in the course. They mirrored-lens aviator sunglasses, to be precise. While plenty of rain is promised in the 2020 Masters, if the sun comes out, don’t be surprised to see Mickelson shades shake.

“I liked it,” Mickelson said Said on CBS in August. “They didn’t move on my face when I was swinging. I went out and played with them, and I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll try it.’ So that’s kind of where it started. And then at the end of the day my eyes were more comfortable, they weren’t blinking all the time. “

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Why does Phil Mickelson wear sunglasses while golfing?

Mickelson revealed all the details of wearing sunglasses in his segment CBS In august. He said he started using Karak Cream, “Treating skin cancer like two weeks on your face.” It stains the skin, Mickelson said, and kills cancer cells you can’t see (it wasn’t clear from the interview if Mickelson had any form of cancer, though it is). Rheumatic arthritis, Which affects the skin).

When Mickelson went out using that cream, he put on sunglasses to protect the skin around his eyes, and he loved wearing it.

Ian Baker-Finch, a CBS announcer, commented: “Well, it’s good to know. I know we should wear sunglasses to protect our eyes as we get older. “But not everyone can pull off that look, Ian. I think I’m doing it, but not everyone can.”

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When the PGA tour returned with the Charles Swab Challenge in June, Mickelson was spotted wearing shades on the course. This is the same one who asked the line of inquiry in August who revealed that Mickelson had a good reason. A Golf website It also suggests that sunglasses will help patt reading, possibly cutting off the sun’s glare from the green surface.

Mickelson already played very well in the Masters in 2019, finishing 18th after shooting under 6. Maybe sunglasses will also push 50-year-old Mickelson to the leaderboard.


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