Philippe Danault praised … Nathan Mackinnon!

Philippe Danault praised ... Nathan Mackinnon!

Colorado Avalanche forward Nathan McKinnon will not miss playing against the Montreal Canadiens in 2020-21.

The reason is quite simple: the presence of a certain Philippe Danault in the formation of Saint-Flennale.

While on Tuesday on the “Spitene Chocolates” podcast, the Nova Scotia native was asked whether he knew the identity of the player he faced in the National Hockey League (NHL). The star player did not hesitate much before taking the name of Quebecker.

“I think Philippe Danault is an underrated boy. He was not yet recognized for receiving a selfie trophy, but he is such a good center player. It is in my case whenever we play against Montreal, whether we are at home or abroad.

Selke one day?

Even though he does not like to play against Danault, Mackinnon still desires him the identity he deserves.

He said, “It’s really difficult to play against him. Hopefully he wins Selke one day, I think he deserves it. He is good against everyone, not just me. “

In the past two seasons, the Canadians’ representative has finished sixth and seventh in the ballot for the honor given to the best defensive forward in the NHL.

McKinnon and Denault have faced each other eight times on the Bateman Tour since the start of their careers. The Avalanche skater was limited to one goal, but still had six assists. For his part, Danault received five assists during these doubles. However, it should be noted that in his four games, the Belle Province center was playing for the Chicago Blackhawks and he had very little ice time with the Habs.

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