Playoffs could make Bundesliga exciting again

Playoffs could make Bundesliga exciting again

Munich – A look at the current Bundesliga table is well known – over the years. FC Bayern are on top and second (currently Borussia Dortmund) are already clearly behind.

It is currently six points and a much better goal difference makes it a seven-point lead for the record champions.

Bayern are on their way to their tenth consecutive championship title. So the question that the German Football League (DFL) has to ask itself is: How can we make the league exciting again?

Michael Reschke, the technical director of FC Bayern from 2014 to 2017. ran Bundesliga web show renewed its offer to start the playoffs. In the broadest sense, the NFL can be a model for German football.

The future Bundesliga could look like this:

Reschke, who now works as a player advisor, doesn’t want a bloated mod. The burden on the players should remain manageable.

“Every other year – that is, in non-World Cup and non-EM years – we end the season with a playoff. The whole thing in a short, crisp form. The first player plays the semi-final against the fourth and of course the home rights. The second plays against the third and then there is a final,” says Reske. ran Bundesliga-webshow.

The better team gets the home advantage

The right of the house to the winner of the division. It sounds a lot like the NFL. But the mode Rechke is considering also picks up reportedly the best approaches in other sports and competitions.

Such a short tournament can be organized within eight to ten days. The 64-year-old doesn’t have a best-of-seven mode like the NBA or the NHL. His views are more towards the Final Four tournament, as is known from the UEFA Nations League.

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Reske takes a look at the future: “We will have a lot of excitement until match day 34 in the Bundesliga, as fourth place will still have a tough fight against the first four and then be able to become champions”.

Rechke is unconvinced of the fact that the people of Munich may find themselves deprived of wages for their work, which then Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge once called a “bread and butter business”: “there is only one thing for them”. Thing will change: You get really excited every other year at the end of the season. You’re inspired again and you’ve had two really great, interesting games. Winning the finals for the players and the club and becoming the German champion, too. It’s good.”

The entire product of the Bundesliga is at stake

What is more important for Rechke is the enthusiasm for the Bundesliga as a whole. And many fans must agree with him. Because even in Scotland or Italy, the fight for the championship is now more open than in Germany.

“What will happen?” Reschke asks and answers himself: “Bayern Munich will be German champions five times in a normal season and maybe only three or four times in another five years. In ten years they may be only eight occasional champions. Or maybe ten times.” — but then with an interesting final attack at the end of the season.”

Bayern Munich will continue to dominate

For football fans who don’t keep their fingers crossed for FC Bayern, the present is bleak. Michael Reschke agrees: “If all goes well, Bayern will be the German champions again this year. And I dare to make one prediction: they will be champions in the years to come.”

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It probably won’t be confirmed in the DFL – at least publicly. But the fact remains: the English Premier League’s lead in international marketing is also due to the large number of teams being able to win. In the nine seasons Bayern has dominated Germany, supporters across the island have seen five different champions.

“I find that attractive for the league and the competition. Otherwise: Congratulations, Bayern Munich!” Reschke adds and says: “You will be rewarded for an outstanding, great and successful job over many years – no question. Can be reduced to some extent. Bayern have a strong team, strong game leadership, an excellent coach, an excellent coaching staff, they have the best players. Not much will happen there. The tension level will rise in the current mode. will be manageable.”

Michael Reschke has already been brushed off by being Uli

You almost have to admire Rechke, who worked not only for FC Bayern, but also for Leverkusen, Stuttgart and Schalke, in a key management position, for his renewed advance.

When he first put the playoff idea up for discussion in 2018, Bayern vice-chancellor Uli Hoenes launched a scathing attack on him at the now famous “riot press conference” and ironically called him a “clever Mr Reschke”.

At the time, the 64-year-old defended himself with the words “being smart isn’t the worst thing” and is now appealing to FC Bayern’s generosity: “I think if you’ve won the championship ten times in a row, a point will come.” When you say: ‘We’re only going to risk winning eight championships in the next ten years…'”.

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No doubt it will be good for the entire Bundesliga.

Stephen Kumberger

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