Pogba, the defined entry of the joint on the track

Pogba, the defined entry of the joint on the track

AC Milan-Manchester United 0-1

New offensive nuisance by Maguire on one corner. The Mancuniens converted for the moment, after Paul Pogba’s entry into play.

Young Boys-Ajax 0-2

The Swiss are certainly very unhappy at this meeting. Young Boys Target is called off for Alya’s suspicious situation.

AC Milan-Manchester United 0-1

Pogba’s goal in this confrontation prevented hostilities. The meeting was completely open, attacking Milan at all costs and therefore leaving room for the Red Devils.

Young Boys-Ajax 0-2

AJAX is running !!

The penalty accepted by Kamara is replaced with difficulty by Tadic, as Favre started from the right and touched the ball!

AC Milan-Manchester United 0-1

POGBA’s Toning Entrance !!!

Just entered the game, French scoring opened! After a game of billiards in the box, Pogba retrieves the ball at a closed angle and manages to accommodate Donarumma, the match is on!

AC Milan-Manchester United 0-0

Return of Pogba! The Frenchman replaced Rashford as soon as he started playing for the Red Devils. It remains to be seen whether the British had any physical problem.

Young Boys-Ajax 0-1

What an opportunity for Classen! After a very high recovery, Neres sends Classen to a center. The Dutchman attacked the young boys goalkeeper, which was a good save!

It has been everywhere!

The game resumed on all lawns. Manchester United should qualify at San Siro while Rangers want to overthrow Slavia Prague! Ajax and Villarreal just have to manage their huge profits.

It is a break on all areas!

Everything has to be done in San Siro, where Milan and Manchester still cannot decide between themselves. Scotland also has suspense, as the Rangers are only one target behind Slavia. Ajax and Villarreal are very quiet.

AC Milan 0-0 (Total: 1-1) Manchester United

Young boys 0-1 (0-4) ajax

Rangers 0-1 (1-2) Slavia Prague

Villarreal 2-0 (4-0) Dynamo Kiev

AC Milan-Manchester United 0-0

Chronic fly! Rossnero did not find the frame in a favorable position on the frame of the sole of his foot! Castillejo’s center, after fixing the defense, was nonetheless ideal.

Rangers-Slavia Prague 0-1

The people of Steven Gerrard are not quite the opposite, quite the opposite. The Scots’ fifth attempt does not hold the frame, but they push at the end of the first period.

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AC Milan-Manchester United 0-0

Henderson insisted! The Saelemaekers’ away effort was vicious, but the small rebound did not surprise David De Gay’s replacement. The corner of Milani offers nothing.

AC Milan-Manchester United 0-0

Zlatan Solutions Is your company? Sweed has already started heating up, with the scene of why not coming into play after half-time.

AC Milan-Manchester United 0-0

There are still not enough clear eating opportunities. If this meeting is balanced, it still has to slow down …

Young Boys-Ajax 0-1

Bern claims a penalty! Alvarez’s non-stop hand is amazingly unapproved, Ajax can blow!

Villarreal-Dynamo Kyiv 2-0

Double for Moreno !!

While the Ukrainians have not yet had the opportunity to make the slightest chance (0 shots), Villarreal is rolling! Nice cross shot from Moreno who gives himself a double!

Score per half-hour game

AC Milan 0-0 (Total: 1-1) Manchester United

Young boys 0-1 (0-4) ajax

Rangers 0-1 (1-2) Slavia Prague

Villarreal 1-0 (3-0) Dynamo Kiev

AC Milan-Manchester United 0-0

The new corner for Manchester United, it owes nothing to Maguire’s dishonesty on Kajar. Donnarumma is far from worried for the moment…

AC Milan-Manchester United 0-0

Theo Hernandez made a great breakthrough in the axle, all power, but the French defender was finally stopped at the last minute by the Mancunian defense. AC Milan, virtually qualified, is not particularly in a hurry to try to worry Henderson.


Yet a 2–0 winner at home in the first leg, the Spurs fell to Croatia, pushed into overtime first and then 3–0 at the end. Massive disappointment for Jose Mourinho.

Young Boys-Ajax 0-1

AJAX buys young boys !!

Beautifully served by Tadic in the box, Neres have no trouble cheating Favre and the 3–0 winner in the first leg, ensures qualification for the Dutch. The Swiss have to score 5 times to watch the quarters.

AC Milan-Manchester United 0-0

The Rosneri recovered a ball from the last 30 meters, but faced off with well-grouped Mancunian blocks, they failed to try their luck. This poster takes a while to start in San Siro …

Rangers-Slavia Prague 0-1

Ranger made at home !!

With this precise head of Olinka at the conclusion superb collective action for the check, the Rangers will have to react immediately!

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Villarreal-Dynamo Kiev 1-0


Great cross from Chukweze on the right, Moreno’s wicked head is perfect! 2–0 victorious in the first leg, the yellow submarine is one step away from the quarter-finals!

Than ever before with his back to the tottenham wall

Dino Zagreb has scored just 3-0, with the Spurs having very little time to avoid elimination!

>> Tottenham-Dino Zagreb Live Commentary

AC Milan-Manchester United 0-0

There is still no major opportunity in this setback, which promises to be undecided and disputed, especially due to the score in the first leg (1–1).

Tottenham for penalties?

After 105 minutes of play, Tottenham are still led 2–0 by Dinomo Zagreb, the same score in the first leg. The Spurs have only 15 minutes to avoid a penalty shootout.

>> Tottenham-Dino Zagreb Live Commentary

AC Milan-Manchester United 0-0

It is Manchester United who make the first offensive of the meet, but the center of Fernandes crosses the surface and gives nothing away.

Rangers-Slavia Prague 0-0

Fireworks are on for a few minutes above Glasgow. The Scots started the game from their feet to the ground in an attempt to dispel suspicion from the start.

It’s all gone on the lawn!

Kick-off given on all grounds, great evening to all!

AC Milan 0-0 Manchester United

Young boys 0-0 ajax

Rangers 0-0 Slavia Prague

Villarreal 0-0 Dynamo Kiev

Kick-off in 10 minutes

Reminder of 4 posters of this multiplex:

AC Milan-Manchester United

Young boy-ajax

Rangers-Slavia Prague

Villarreal-Dynamo Kiev

First to qualify for quarter finals

Arsenal, Grenada and AS Roma have validated their qualification for the quarter-finals of the Europa League. On the other hand, Tottenham are pushed into extra time in Zagreb …

>> La Fin de Dinamo Zagreb-Tottenham and Direct

Suspense in Milan and Glasgow

Apart from curiously AC Milan-Manchester United (1-1 in the first leg), nothing is played between the Rangers and Slavia Prague, who were separated by a score of 1-1 last week.

It appears to have played more for Ajax against the Young Boys (3–0 win in Amsterdam) and Villarreal, winning 2–0 on the lawn of Dynamo Kyiv last Thursday.

Evening tv program

All Europa League posters can be seen live on RMC Sport:

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AC Milan-Manchester United: RMC Sport 1

Young Boys-Ajax: RMC Sport 2

Rangers-Slavia Prague: RMC Sport Live 4

Villarreal-Dynamo Kyiv: RMC Sport Live 5

Multi Zone: RMC Sport Live 3

To wait, live in the second round of 16

There are currently 4 first matches to be followed on RMC Sport’s air route and in our dedicated live. Arsenal and Tottenham are remarkably ahead in the score, things are better for AS Roma.

>> Europa League multiplex live at 6:55 am

United Sons Marshal, Pogba ni de Gaye

While Anthony Marshall is not in the Red Devils squad, Manchester United are also in the kick-off without Paul Pogba and David de Gay. Both players have just returned from injury.

For AC Milan, its star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, absent in the first leg (1-1), will start the meeting as a replacement. Sved is also returning from injury and therefore will have to wait for a reunion with his former team.

Villarreal-Kiev compositions


Asenjo, Albiol, Parajo, Mori, Gerrard, Fourth, Bakka, Chukwaru, Trigueros, Pedraza, Capuay

Dynamo Kyiv:

Bushchan, Sedorchuk, De Pena, Sygankov, Mykolkonko, Andryevsky, Rodrigues, Zabarni, Bielaski, Sirota, Kedziora

Les composition de young boys-ajax

Young boys:

Favre, Camra, Ciro, Sulaimani, Elia, Fasnacht, NSAM, Lefort, Lustenberger, Lauper, Hefty


Steckenberg, Alvarez, Classen, Neres, Gravenburch, Tadic, Rensch, Blind, Martinez, Tagelfico, Antony

The works of Rangers-Slavia Prague


McGregor, Patterson, Balogun, Goldson, Barisic, Rfield, Davis, Kamara, Aribo, Morelos, Kent

Slavia Prague:

Kolar – Kudela, Daly, Boril – Bach, Stanciu, Harmada, Oscar, Sima – Olinka, Provod

Creations by Milan-Manchester United: Pogba and Zlatan on the bench

AC Milan:

Donarumma – Kalulu, Kjaer, Tomori, Hernández – Casey, Meete, Salemikers, Kalhanoglou, Krump – Castillejo

Manchester United:

Henderson – Shaw, Lindelof, Maguire, Van-Bissaca – Fred, McTominay – Greenwood, Fernandes, James – Rashford

16 first stage round scores

Manchester United 1-1 AC Milan

Dynamo Kiev 0-2 Villarreal

Slavia Prague 1-1 Rangers

Ajax 3-0 Young Boys

End of round 16 of Europa League

The final four matches of Round 16 of the Europa League start at 9 am live on RMC Sport and our live commentary includes: AC Milan-Manchester United, Villarreal-Dynamo Kyiv, Rangers-Slavia Prague and Young Boy- Ajax.


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