PR: Whiskey Pilgrimage II – A New Book of “Whiskey Disorders”

PR: Whiskey Pilgrimage II - A New Book of

a new book by “Whiskey Wicker” by Wolfgang F. Roth;, With “Whiskey Pilgrimage II” Roth travels in 184 pages The Spirituality of Iro-Scottish Christianity.

More information about the Munich Priest and the author’s fourth book can be found in the press release below – and also the ISBN number to make it easier for your bookseller to order if he or she does not have the book in stock:

Whiskey Pilgrimage II – A New Book of “Whiskey Disorders”

“Whiskey Pilgrimage II” is already the fourth book in which the “whiskey-disorder” was written by Wolfgang F. Roth brings together what is together: spirit and spirituality, high-proof and high-spirited, joy and faith. In 2016, the doctor of theology and Canon Law Scholar published the book “Water of Life – An Introduction to the Spirituality of Whiskey”, which is now in its third edition. “Whiskey Pilgrimage – A Spiritual Guide to Scotland” was followed in 2018, a year later by “Whiskey Jokes”, a collection of more than 200 anecdotes that have always been about whiskey, but often about God, faith and It is also about spirituality.

All four books were published by Verlag Eos – Editions Sankt Otilien. With their decorative design, hard cover and many atmospheric color photographs, they are ideal as a gift – not just for whiskey lovers.

Like the first volume of “Whiskey Pilgrimage,” the second invites you on a spiritual journey in two ways. The traditional Scottish spirit whiskey serves as a guide of sorts to the spirituality of Iro-Scottish Christianity. With a sip of Scottish whiskey in a glass, you are as good as where it came from: whiskey is Scotland in distilled form, the essence of its spectacular landscape, its balanced climate, its eventful history, its unique culture and last but not the least. Not least its timeless spirituality too. In this book, “Whiskey Disorder” by Wolfgang F. Roth once again takes his readers on a journey to the sources of both a wonderful spirit and a true spirituality.

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Whiskey Pilgrimage II
Another Spiritual Guide to Scotland 184 pages, hardcover, over 60 color photographs
Verlag EOS – Version Sankt Otilian ISBN 978-3-8306-8094-9


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