Prince William and Kate Middleton: The Beginning of an Extraordinary Love: Was This Their First Visit?

Prince William and Kate Middleton: The Beginning of an Extraordinary Love: Was This Their First Visit?

Prince Williams and Duchess Kate’s tenth wedding anniversary is approaching! Did the couple of royal dreams cross paths in their childhood?

April 29, 2011: Prince William (38) and Duchess Kate (39, nee Kate Middleton) had a royal wedding at Westminster Abbey. The groom in his elegant red uniform, the bride in a beautiful white dress: these were moments that melted away ten years ago. On Thursday (April 29), William and Kate are celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary – the so-called rose wedding. We look at the beginning of the unique love affair between William and Kate.

Wonderful moment on the altar! But what were Prince William and Duchess Kate whispering? You can learn more about this in the video.

Prince William and Duchess Kate: The beginning of a great love

Ten years before their dream wedding, Prince William and Duchess Kate met for the first time. The couple met in 2001 while studying at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. What started as a friendship turned into a unique love.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton: The Beginning of a Great Love

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In 2004, the prince and commoners made their relationship public. But now royal expert Katie Nicoll reports that the royal dream couple probably met long ago: when Kate was just nine years old, she is said to have first met William.

Royal Dream Team! Watch the video below as Prince William and Duchess Kate put on a vocal appearance together.

In a white coat and black suit: this appearance is reminiscent of your wedding!

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Prince William and Duchess Kate: sweet moments from their childhood

Although Prince William and Duchess did not attend the same school as Kate children, Katie Nicol said they first met at a school event – at a hockey game when Williams’ team was visiting Kate’s St. Andrews School: ” Although she was not particularly interested in boys, the arrival of a certain young man caught her attention. Nearby Ludgrove Prep School often played games against St. Andrew’s Prep, and when left-back Prince William in Ludgrove’s Colts squad did , There was a lot of excitement. Came to St. Andrew’s when she was nine years old to play hockey, “Katie Nichol wrote. Even if the royal guest played on the opposing team, the joy of her visit was certain. Roop was great not only for Kate!

Kate Middleton

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Cute Smile: Kate Middleton

Excitement about Prince William

Although it is not known whether William and Kate spoke to each other on that day, Kate should not have avoided the arrival of the young prince. Nonetheless, the two already shared something, as Katie Nichol wrote: “Like Kate, William loved the game and was one of the best hockey and rugby players of his year. Of course, Prince’s The arrival caused a stir. ”

Today, 30 years later, William and Kate are more common with their enthusiasm for the game. Cambridge is the proud parent of three children, Prince George (7), Princess Charlotte (5) and Prince Louis (3), who keep William and Kate busy. Has Mini-Cambridge planned a sweet surprise for her parents’ special wedding anniversary?

They are the pride of their parents William and Kate: Check out the cute shots of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis in the video below.

1 red carpet appearance!  And the youngest makes the biggest eyes


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