Prince William + Duchess Catherine: They become opposites in this duel

Prince William + Duchess Catherine: They become opposites in this duel

Prince William + Duchess Catherine
In this duel they become adversaries

Duchess Catherine and Prince William show off their rugby skills while visiting the City of Derry Rugby Club in Londonderry in September 2021.

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For the first time ever, Prince William and Duchess Catherine will watch the England vs Wales rugby match as patron rivals.

What will happen next Saturday to the royal blessings of 39-year-old Prince William and 40-year-old Duchess Catherine? This will be the first time this will be a sporting event in which the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will join hands for another team.

Duchess Catherine and Prince William cheer on rugby

The English and Welsh national rugby teams meet in Twickenham, London. The “problem”: Prince William has been patron of Welsh rugby union since 2016, and his wife Kate has been patron of two English rugby unions since this month. He inherited that honor from his brother-in-law, 37-year-old Prince Harry, who lost patronage in the wake of Megxit.

Duchess Catherine

Known for his sportsmanship

The royal couple has been known to enjoy public events at various sporting events including rugby. The Daily Mail quoted a person close to the two as saying: “They are famous for competing with each other and this will be no exception.” So Kate and William will probably “push” each other into the stands on Saturday with one or another malicious joke. If the match exchanges blowing expectations.


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