Princess Anne: Suddenly thrown! The king’s sister did not expect this

 Princess Anne: Suddenly thrown!  The king's sister did not expect this

Even a princess doesn’t stop learning: King Charles III’s sister, Anne, was stunned when she met the Fiji rugby team to receive a special honor at the reception.

In the 72 years that Princess Anne has been on this earth, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II Learned all the intricacies of Courtly protocol inside and out. But even a royal professional like the Princess Royal never stops learning, as shown by a recent incident, the sister of King Charles III. Now happened during an official appointment.

Royal visit to rugby stadium: Princess Anne welcomes sports stars to Twickenham

Princess Anne recently stayed at Twickenham Stadium, home of the English rugby union and a venue for the top-flight international. For example, international matches in the Autumn Nations Series 2022 are currently being played in Twickenham – on Saturday the Scottish national team met Fiji’s professionals. An occasion that the Royal Family also wanted to honor and sent Princess Anne to Twickenham, not only as the official representative of the House of Windsor, but also as Honorary President of the Scottish Rugby Union.

Princess Anne got chills: This gesture stunned King Charles’ sister at rugby game

Ahead of the kick-off of Scotland’s 28-12 win over Fiji, Princess Anne got up close and personal with the players and shook hands with each and every rugby star. But one reaction stunned the otherwise well-informed princess: The Princess Royal had hardly shaken hands with Fiji international Levani Botia when a winger named “Demolition Man” sat on the lawn and sat at the princess’s feet!

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The Rugby Giant sits on the grass in front of Princess Anne – what does this gesture mean?

The meaning of this unusual expression becomes clear when one looks at customary etiquette in the South Pacific island nation. while it is Royal Family Familiar, that a curtsy or bow be made before them, it is customary in the Commonwealth of States to honor dignitaries, among other gestures. Those who wish to applaud their counterparts following the traditions, sit at his feet and bow their heads reverently – that’s exactly what Levani Bottia did for Princess Anne.

Educational gap in Princess Anne: This doesn’t happen with Queen Elizabeth II

However, the Princess Royal did not seem familiar with the custom, being the sister of King Charles III. It was clearly written on his face. After rising again at 1.82 metres, Princess Anne could not help but take the rugby legend aside and inquire about the meaning of his action. Queen Elizabeth II was seen in vain for such an educational gap with Princess Anne’s mother: the Queen, who died in September 2022, was a guest in Fiji several times during her 70-year reign and She knew the traditions there in detail. It is hardly surprising, then, that the Queen’s face did not slip when soldiers from the South Pacific sat down in front of her and bowed their heads.

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