Prophecy Effects of Tropical Storm Henry in Nova Scotia

Prophecy Effects of Tropical Storm Henry in Nova Scotia

(Montreal) A tropical cyclone newsletter was issued for Nova Scotia by the Canadian Hurricane Center and then Tropical Storm. henry The New England area is expected to intensify and rise to hurricane status over the weekend.

US state on the projected trajectory ofhenry Started preparing for its first hurricane in 30 years.

it is still possible thathenry It reaches Category 2 hurricane intensity when it occurs east of Virginia. The Canadian Hurricane Center says it should slow down as it approaches Cape Cod.

“Q is not a word”henry will receive colder water, the system will weaken quickly, and then move more slowly to the east or northeast or south of Nova Scotia. a storm-like landscape edward (1996) appears less likely at this time,” states the Canadian Hurricane Center. The storm is not expected to have a direct impact on the weather in eastern Canada until Monday or Tuesday.

“At this point in time it looks like it may bring light to moderate winds and some rain. A stronger-than-normal backwash will form along Nova Scotia’s Atlantic coast later this week, according to Environment and Climate Change Canada.

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