Proposal to stop gunmen Golf | sport

  Proposal to stop gunmen Golf |  sport

What is the essence of golf? Is it about showing more skill in hitting or shorter games than anyone? The debate is hotter than ever about the extent to which players hit the ball on a tee shot, reaching an unprecedented extent. The symbol of these new times is the American Bryson DeChambo, a bodybuilder who breaks all speed and meter records. This is not an isolated case, but the culmination of a revolution. Year after year, golfers eat the land of courses like a sea of ​​beaches. Unless the offices have said enough. The Royal and Ancient (R&A) of St. Andrews (Scotland) and the USGA (American Federation), the two bodies governing the game and its rules, made their intentions to reduce the game on Tuesday or to change that direction. Announce, or at least, increase the distance.

The two colossi have reunited, as they did recently to celebrate the celebration of the greats in areas related to Donald Trump. Now they have jointly sent a series of proposals to OEMs and are opening a period of several months for their consideration and debate. The most important suggested change is to reduce the maximum length of the golf club from 48 inches (1.22 m) to 46 inches (1.17 m). This change will not affect Putters on the green, the club of the nearest stroke. Two other measures, much more technical, relate to the ways in which a club and a ball are tested by a robot before their use is approved. To comply with the material (a ball must have a maximum weight of 45.93 grams and a minimum size of 42.67 millimeters in diameter), “optimum conditions for throwing the ball” will be simulated, so that it is correct in these circumstances. Did not fly more than 320 m (292 m).

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From Tigray to Dechambu

Changes are under consideration. De ser aprabados, mes queen tenure grandes effectas en la elite (kasi nadi usa driver of 48 pulgadas, por los prospectes que superon controller la bola con), tendran el velor de como la usga y el r & a entran de leno en lauroluciou. Both organizations warned yesterday that areas are becoming “obsolete”, even though they were small, a situation Tiger Woods had already warned about in 2017.

The records with which El Tigre amazed the world are now a children’s affair. In 1997, the year of the revolution, Woods recorded an average of 268 meters with the driver. Bryson DeCambo is currently 300 meters on average. In current golf, the 1997 Imperial Tiger would rank 118th on the circuit in this ranking.

Change is unstoppable. Technology has transformed clubs and balls into guns, and golfers are longtime athletes who hammer themselves in the gym and take great care in their physical preparation. From 2019 to 2020, the increase in initially acquired land was 2.4 meters on the American circuit and 5.3 meter on the European circuit. DeChambeau (27) doubled on a muscle to pop the ball. Already at the last Masters, in November, he threatened to play with the 48-inch driver who is now involved. He could not use it and lacked control of his balls (he finished 34th), but he also delivered some incredible shots as he landed his ball on the trees in Augusta. And one danger: in the next edition, in April, you will have already learned to master the valley. His calculations, ballooning at 340 kilometers per hour and 370 meters from the start. A missile.

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“Increasing the distance threatens the future of our sport,” warned the USGA on Tuesday in an alarm signal; “We need to make sure that golf can survive 100 years and beyond.”


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