Protest against restricted sanitation measures in Nova Scotia | COVID-19 in the Atlantic

  Protest against restricted sanitation measures in Nova Scotia |  COVID-19 in the Atlantic

A demonstration was planned for this weekend by a group of people who disagree about wearing masks and respecting restrictions, explained Ian Rankin, Premier of Nova Scotia, at the start of the pandemic news conference Friday afternoon.

Our government sought an injunction from the court and got it today, which prevents this group and any others from organizing […] or take part in a rally against protocol [de santé publique], followed Ian Rankin.

The injunction prohibits any gathering that violates public health guidelines and prohibits the organizers of these protests from continuing to promote them on social networks, according to the provincial government.

a big outbreak

The greater Halifax area and surrounding communities are subject to special public health measures from 23 April – The measures taken in other parts of the province in the days following the sudden increase in COVID-19 cases in the province.

Nova Scotia reported a daily record 227 new coronavirus infections on May 7. As of Friday, 117 new cases of COVID-19 were reported and a record 95 hospitalizations related to the virus.

The number of active cases this week fell from 1,655 on Monday to 1,537 on Friday, but the number is higher than at any time since the start of the pandemic.

against science

Prime minister Ian Rankin where are we looking activity on social networks and that person there encourage people to deliberately violate public health protocols that exist to keep people safe.

They don’t believe in science, in masks, in vaccines. They are nothing more than an “alt-right” group that wants to protest against science.

A quote from:Ian Rankin, Premier of Nova Scotia

I am personally in favor of freedom of expression: PM rankinBut I will not let a few people thwart our efforts to defeat this third wave. People have a right to share their opinion, but when a province is in lockdown in the middle of a third wave, it is up to each of us to protect each other and follow health protocols.

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not the first expression

On May 2, a small group of individuals met on the Halifax Citadel Hill to demonstrate against restrictions and public health measures. they baptized their assembly freedom rally, or Rally for Freedom.

The police were present but did not intervene, which raised questions among the people.

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Protesters protesting sanitation measures gather near the Halifax Citadel on May 2, 2021.

Photo: Facebook

The next day, Halifax Regional Police responded to these concerns and said they wanted to prevent the situation from escalating during their intervention.

Our agents worked with the organizers in the days before the performance. This active work made it possible to stop the march to another destination, which was originally planned., the police service said in a statement on May 3.

Halifax regional police officers were present throughout the event, using their best judgment to attend to the event and avoid a wider public safety challenge. In addition, we cannot provide details of our strategy or the specific actions we have taken., wrote the constable John McLeodPolice Force Spokesperson.

give more power to the police

Under the restrictions in force since the end of April, People in Nova Scotia can only meet indoors or outdoors with members of their household – the people they live with.According to the provincial health ministry.

So the police would have had the leisure to make arrests during previous demonstrations, such as on May 2 near the citadel.

injunction just received by the province gives more authority to work and more teeth As for the existing powers, the Prime Minister said rankin. The police can arrest and detain people who are clearly violating a court order.

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A lawyer representing the provincial government argued for the injunction before the judge. Scott Norton, Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, Friday.

judge in his decision norton claims that there are groups of protesters targeted by the injunction willful blindness in front of scientific and medical evidence on which health protocols are based.

doctor Robert StrandNova Scotia’s chief medical officer of health, was called in as an expert witness in the case.

We cannot let a small group of people dismiss the science and the evidence. Their actions can put people in danger. We can’t allow that and I’m very satisfied with the verdict, said Dr. strongat a press conference on Friday.

This injunction will remain in effect until the state of emergency is lifted. A state of emergency was declared for the first time in Nova Scotia on March 22, 2020. Renewed every two weeks, it has been extended only till May 30, 2021.


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