QMJHL: Antoine Roy doesn’t want to miss his chance with the Armada

QMJHL: Antoine Roy doesn't want to miss his chance with the Armada

When he received the good news on Monday, Antoine Roy felt a lot of emotion.

ah, that was really, really special, he said. This is something I have worked for for a few years and I am proud of it.

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Antoine Roy in his new uniform.

Photo: Sebastian Gervais / Armada de Blaineville-Boisbrianda

A native of Petit-Rocher near Bathurst, the New Brunswicker was the 51st player selected in the 2020 draft of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (LHJMQ) This third-round pick participated in the Blaineville–Boisbriand Armada selection camp that year, but did not break through the lineup.

He recovered in 2021.

This summer my training has given me a lot of fruit, says Roy.

I trained with Derek Cormier in Moncton and PEH Hockey. I have trained a lot on the ice and on the ice. I guess I had to set up camp for more preparation this year.

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Coach Bruce Richardson.

Photo: Radio-Canada

their instructor, Bruce Richardson, is of the same opinion, even though he has already noticed the qualities of his Acadian striker in 2020. The mentor believes that Acadian fits in well with the team’s philosophy.

He cites the example of the selection camp held last year amid the pandemic. Maritimes players had more constraints: quarantine upon arrival in Quebec and upon return home, if they were not placed within formation.

When Antoine came last year, he was by no means convinced of his position. Then he didn’t bother her. She is passionate. He said: “I will do 14 days before and 14 days after.” Already there, he showed us what kind of person he is, what kind of professional he is.

A quote from:Bruce Richardson, Armada Head Coach

M. Richardson His size and game sense help him a lot. He’s not afraid to be physically involved.

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He believes that time spent in the Maritime Hockey League with Grand Falls Rapids has helped improve the rookie’s game.

time to play

Antoine Roy makes a spot with Armada at the right time, which the young players will rely on. After relying on the old players last season, the team is going through a phase of change. Now is the time for renewal.

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Antoine Roy will take a few days off before resuming the final part of training camp in Boisbriand.

Photo: Sebastian Gervais / Armada Blaineville-Boisbriande

But, this does not concern the attacker. Change doesn’t necessarily mean a bad team.

No, that would be nice. You can be successful, it doesn’t change much, there are some good giants too.

It is certain that Antoine will be able to help us and he will have a direct impact on our team., valuable Bruce Richardson. He’ll probably be able to deserve more snow time than he did with us last year..

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The 2020-21 season for Armada has been played out with several legends, such as Benjamin Corbeil taking advantage of a throwback above to score a goal for Blaineville-Boisbriand.

Photo: QMJHL / Ollie Croteau

avoid complacency

Good to be chosen, now you have to live up to the expectations and avoid pitfalls.

Armada’s management team gave him simple advice, he said.

The most important thing was to keep going the path I was on, to keep working hard at training, and then to bring that energy into the matches., explains Antoine Roy.

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Bruce Richardson begins his sixth session behind a bench in LHJMQ. He saw many recruits walking. It is an asset for him to gain the trust of a coach.

It is more difficult to play defensively than offensive, he explains. When it comes time to assign a task to a player, he must be sure that he will respond in the present.

On Antoine’s side, we know that at this stage, he’s still good. It is to be hoped that it remains stable and does not enter the comfort zone.

I always say that it is up to the player to suit the league, not the league to suit the player. It will be necessary for him to manage his diet as much as during his rest time.

A quote from:Bruce Richardson, Coach

Antoine Roy is already aware of these issues. He has distinguished himself in many specialized sports since his youth.

The proud representative of the Chaluar region, a multiple medalist at the Acadian Games, has learned that nothing is won until he crosses the finish line. He still holds the two racing records set in the 2017 Games.

Antoine Roy at the finish line. view larger image (new window)

Antoine Roy broke the 12-13-year-old’s 1200m with a record of 6 seconds at Frederickton in 2017.

Photo: Radio-Canada / François LeBlancí

Of course, the Acadian Games were special moments. it was really fun. so just to see [les sports]’Just being there with my friends, that’s what I’m gonna remember, proudly mentions Antoine Roy.

Long distance running, be it 800m, 1200m or 1500m, has also enabled him to combine business with pleasure. Running is the training base of many sports and the competitive aspect of the sport is good preparation to reach the highest level. He chose elite hockey, but he loves athletics.

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Other Marine players to watch

Armada will have a good squad this season from the east of the country. In addition to Antoine Roy, there is Colby HugganMILF from a center player Charlottetown, And Conor Richardhandjob from a winger quispamsis.

They have just joined the team through exchanges.

Protector braden schmidt, From Bible HillIn Nova Scotia, Quebec is back with the formation.

He has displayed leadership qualities since he turned 16 last year. He shows maturity. He has great potential and his personal prowess is remarkable.

Being a Maritimes player adds another dimension to our team, conclusion Bruce Richardson.


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