QMJHL: Jordin Dumais, Rising Hope

QMJHL: Jordin Dumais, Rising Hope

Montreal – Sylvain Favreau is used to meeting National League employers in Halifax. In his first four years in the Mooseheads coaching staff, eight of the team’s players were drafted by the NHL team, including three in the first round and three in the second.

This season, there was no sign of extraordinary traffic at the Scotiabank Center press gallery. The Mooseheads were due to field some skaters who did well in their rookie year at age 16, but none tagged as a prospect not to be missed.

The situation has changed. Favreau can see this from the number of observers who have come through the door of his office in recent months to inquire about a young striker, Jordan Dumais, who has become impossible to ignore.

“I used to think NHL scouts were, in the beginning, ‘Well, I miss him last year, he’s a good little player’, but now I think his eyes are wide open,” advises the pilot of the Mouseheads. Our team is the youngest in the league. If we’re surprised at the point of being second in our division, it has a lot to do with Jordin Dumais.”

At the holiday break, the L’Ile-Bizard forward is part of a quadruple tie for second in the QMJHL scoring standings. His 31 assists put him second in the field behind expected Canadian Javier Simoneau. His eight-point harvest in his last three games earned him the title player of the week in the Courtois circuit and a place in Canada’s All-Star team of the week.

Their 47 points after 30 games also allow them to compare favorably to those before them in the Nova Scotia capital. Nico Hisier in his 17th year had the same number of points at the same reference point. Filip Zadina and Nikolaj Ehlers can’t say the same.

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Dumais was well surrounded by the start of this crucial year for its development. His main focus was Elliot Desnoires, a prospect for the Philadelphia Flyers who is currently on his way to represent his country at the World Juniors. He also had plenty of ice with Nashville Predators first-round pick Zachary L’Heureux. But witnesses of her achievements assure that she is not dependent on the people around her.

“He has really offensive skills that are a little above average,” said a recruiter for a team in the Western NHL Association. He rounds that there aren’t a lot of guys who can score. He has a really good shot and a touch around the net which is really special. Apart from this, he can play aggressively. He is a man who is perfect. ,

I often hear him: “Ah, it’s because he played with the Desnoirs,” Favreau is sorry. Of course he played with the Desnoires. But when we wanted to revive Bobby Orr, for example, we Put him with Dumais and I think his first four goals were games scored by Jordan.”

Upon verification, Orr actually came out of a long slump in mid-November, scoring six goals in four matches. Dumais collected the deciding pass on the first two, Desnoires on the other three.

Other figures support the young winger’s thesis of great autonomy. For example, it is interesting to note that since Desnoires left for the national team, Dumais has amassed ten points in five matches.

“He’s a man who creates a lot of things on his own,” Favreau insists. He doesn’t need other players to go. It is certain and certain that he is someone who is capable of leading the game.”

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“He’s not a lazy guy, a guy who will just wait for things to happen,” approves our recruiter. In my opinion, he’s going to take any trio and he’s going to be able to contribute and make others better. ,

a 165 pound snake

Junior level coaches sometimes shy away from praising a young player. Sometimes it’s their subtle way of making us realize that the enthusiasm for it isn’t entirely justified. Other times, you think you’ve read between the lines that they fear that more praise will disproportionately inflate their dependents’ egos.

Favreau didn’t get bogged down in these kinds of worries when he found out we wanted to talk about Jordyn Dumais. His answer to our first question lasted exactly four minutes and fifteen seconds and was interrupted only because Mooseheads general manager Cam Russell was calling him in the second row.

The Franco-Ontarian coach described Dumais in his speech as a “natural scorer” who has a wrist shot in a class of his own. “He’s the kind of guy who can puck you into any corner at any time,” he said. He also admires his right-wing approach to the game, noting that he is the leader of his team that leads directly to the goal.

Mooseheads’ collection of advanced stats also shows that he is the most effective of his men at causing turnover and taking back an opponent. “You see he’s a tough guy. He wants the puck on his pallet. He’s hardworking without the puck and understands very well Play ,

The only asterisk on Dumais’ card appears next to his template. The official QMJHL website lists him at 5 feet 9 inches and 165 pounds. In modern hockey, such measurements no longer automatically put you on the siding, but they are still another obstacle to overcome.

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Favreau admitted that more physical play didn’t necessarily fall into Dumais’s ropes in his rookie season, but he has been blown away by the progress he’s made in the area. In addition to gaining muscle naturally during the summer, the teens improved technical details in their approach to the couple.

“He’s a kid who isn’t shy, but isn’t really. He’ll be the first to corners, he’ll absorb hits. He’s a bit like a grass snake. Position yourself to hit him and keep him under control.” It’s hard to bring in.”

“Sometimes these players can hit a wall when they move up the ranks. Those who pass will be the ones who will be able to find other ways to make their teammates better, to please their coach. He has shown that he is capable of getting the puck, being the first on the puck, to play in traffic,” confirms our detective.

During the unveiling of a preliminary list of prospects to be seen by the NHL Recruiting Center in October, Dumais was named with a “C” rating, meaning he was considered a player to be drawn from the fourth round. However more and more knowledgeable observers are placing him as a potential second round pick.


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