QMJHL: Zachary Beauregard takes responsibility for this attack, Colten Ellis of the net

QMJHL: Zachary Beauregard takes responsibility for this attack, Colten Ellis of the net

Sydney, NS – Zachary Beauregard scored a goal and an assist and the Charlottetown Islanders outscored the Cape Breton Eagles 2–0 in the only game on the KMJHL calendar on Friday night.

Beirgard scored his first goal of the season, at the end of the first period, due to a good wrist shot that betrayed William Grimard’s vigilance.

The Islanders then closed the door for a fifth straight win. William Trudeau took advantage of the power play to open the scoring in the first engagement, helped by Beauregard and Oscar Plandowski, another prospect in the next NHL draft.

Colton Ellis blocked 21 puk and got his second shutout this season. He is perfect for Charlottetown contingent at 10 earlier this season.

Islanders forward Cedric Deserisuco looked to hit the target for the 14th consecutive game, but his streak was slowed. Desruisseaux had an opportunity to chase him in the opening seconds of Clash, but his backhand hit a shot as the net was emptied.

The Eagles were trying to tie the mark at 500 for the first time since 7 November. They have lost three of their last four matches.

Grimard was busy during the game, especially in the final 40 minutes, and he delivered twice in 32 shots.

Earlier this week, QMJHL teams based in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island received public health clearance to return to play. This was the first game the Marits had teams since 20 November.

The Islanders set the tone for the game by scoring in the fourth minute of the game. During a power play, Plandowski pushed the puck up to the point and Trudeau fired a violent shot at the reception that passed through Grimard’s right.

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In the final minutes of the first twenty, Dennis Cooper had a great opportunity to tie the game, but missed the mark. A few seconds later, Patrick Leblanc swiftly gave the disc to Beauregard, who moved the wire with 39 seconds to go.


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