Queen Elizabeth II cancels reception in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth II
She canceled the reception in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth II at a performance in July.

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Queen Elizabeth II once again worried royal fans: she canceled the official reception in Scotland at short notice.

Traditionally, Queen Elizabeth II (96) is welcomed with a reception at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on her summer vacation. However, the event has now been canceled at short notice, As the British “Mirror” reports, Instead, there will be a small, private event. The news sparks renewed concern about the 96-year-old monarch’s health.

Event adapted for the good of the Queen

According to “Mirror”, the Queen intended to attend the official reception until a few days earlier. Apart from being canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, this is the first time in decades that the event has been cancelled. According to a royal insider, “The traditional greeting at Balmoral is usually a regular fixture on the Queen’s calendar and something Her Majesty is very fond of.” The fact that the ceremony “would not take place in its traditional form” is “a great disappointment”.

However, other unspecified sources spoke of “good signs for the future”. According to The Mirror, Buckingham Palace itself said the private ceremony now being planned was “in line” with the Queen’s schedule to suit her “welfare”.

The reception takes place within the walls of the palace.

At the ceremony, the Queen is traditionally overseen by a Scottish honor guard and the Royal Regiment of Scotland’s mascot, Shetland pony Lance Corporal Cruchan IV, is joined by photographers and journalists.

Queen Elizabeth II is on her summer vacation in Scotland from 21 July. Until now she has lived in the small country house Craigowan Lodge. She is now believed to be relocating to Balmoral Castle, which is much closer. The palace is closed to the public until they are gone.


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