Queen Elizabeth II is in a good mood at the parade in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth II is in a good mood at the parade in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth II has reappeared in Scotland as part of Holyrood Week. She attended a parade with the heir to the throne, Prince Charles.


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  • Queen Elizabeth II visits Scotland and participates in Holyrood Week.
  • The royal family published photos of the 96-year-old and son Charles on Instagram.
  • In the pictures, Rani is happily looking at the camera.

Queen Elizabeth II (96) Made another official appointment during his stay in Scotland as part of Holyrood Week. on many pictures next to the queen is seen prince charlesapparently in a good mood a parade tracked.

Royal Family also published on instagram some recordings. On the official account of Charles and his wife, the Duchess, among other things Camilla,

In the gardens of Holyrood Palace, the Queen’s official residence in Edinburgh, the two took part in a so-called “redendo” parade. In Scotland over 320 members of the Royal Company of Archers, the Queen’s ceremonial bodyguard, presented themselves Royal Family, according to a report of BBC The Queen watched from the chair as Charles greeted the parade participants. Several guests were also allowed to watch the spectacle on site.

Queen Elizabeth II did not attend the Garden Party

The Queen has been in Scotland since Monday. According to media reports, she did not attend any garden party the day before. It was revealed in May itself that the Queen would not be there.

He was represented by his children Charles, Princess Anne (71) and Prince Edward (58) and his wife Sophie (57). Due to their limited mobility, the Queen’s official dates are usually only announced at short notice for some time.

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