Rabies in heart and wrist

La rage au coeur et le poignet en rémission

For Melody Doust, the postponement of the Women’s Hockey World Championship was a bad decision. As the hockey player recovers from wrist surgery, she yearns to return to action.

“We’ve been two years [Équipe Canada] Not played; We will have a heart that will argue “, expresses Melody doust.

Earlier this month, she was scheduled to participate in the World Championship. All representatives of the Maple Leafs were in Nova Scotia for a week. The COVID tests were all negative. The International Ice Hockey Federation then decided to postpone the tournament. “There is still anger in my heart,” Doust says. I was 100% confident of my safety. There was no possibility of contamination. If something had happened, it would have remained in our bubble. “

The tournament has been moved this summer. A city is to be scheduled from 20 to 31 August. Team Canada will then be at the center of its centralization for the Beijing Olympics.

“The excitement is more and more present,” the hockey player said of the team-making process. I am going to take a new role where I have to exercise more leadership and I am proud of it. I also have full confidence in the team and the staff who provide instruction at the venue. “

At the moment, Campivalencienne is treating her wrist. He was hurt right from the beginning of the epidemic. In recent months, injections have allowed him to relieve pain. But with the postponement of the World Championships and pause for centralization from here, the period was favorable for an operation.

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