Ramos is still fed up with Fobart’s nap in the middle of the game

Sergio Ramos took advantage of his treaty to recount some memories of his long adventure in Real Madrid. When asked about the most “bizarre” player in the locker room, the Spanish defender did not hesitate and cited French Julian Foubert.

Surprised everyone at Real in January 2009, with Julian Fobert leaving only two appearances for the Madrid supporters and lasting memories for a total of 54 minutes of play. But French International (a selection) marked the locker room during its six months. Stay in the Spanish capital. And especially Sergio Ramos. The Merengue Club’s emblem captain recalled his awkward cohabitation with Martinique with a smile, seen as the “most bizarre” player with whom he rubbed shoulders.

“The most famous story is Fobert who slept on the bench, the 34-year-old defender joked with the influential Ibai Lallanos during live on social media on Thursday. I think the calendar didn’t like him very much.”

Ramos: “They did not learn the language”

Already undisputed within Madrid’s defense during the passage of Julian Fobert, Sergio Ramos continued his ascent to the summit of the football planet. Apparently, he did not want too much inspiration from his new partner.

“He was jet-lagged,” the 2010 world champion said again with a burst of laughter. These are things that happen in football, but I have never seen anything like this since. He did not learn the language because he did not do it. Stay for a long time, nor did he marry anyone. […] When he arrived he was very young and there were galactics there too. It was another time and I was going to the other side instead. “

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After her surprise stint at La Liga in West Ham, Julian Fobert will no longer hold her chance with a big European and then follow more or less foreign adventures (Scotland, Finland, Indonesia). It’s hard to forget your nap in a match.


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