Raul Jimenez: Wolves striker pulled out after head-to-head clash with David Luiz

 Raul Jimenez: Wolves striker pulled out after head-to-head clash with David Luiz

Wolves striker Raul Jimenez is conscious and responsible for a concussion following a head injury with Arsenal defender David Luiz during Sunday’s game at the Emirates Stadium.

Jimenez was given oxygen after accidentally coming together and was eventually replaced by Fabio Silva.

A head-on collision with both players by paramedics and medical staff at the start of the match resulted in a 10-minute delay. There is cautious optimism around Jimenez’s condition.

Jimenez has been pulled out after colliding with Luiz

Lewis, however, went ahead with a score of 0-0 at the time of the event, keeping the bandaged head.

He went to check on Jimenez before returning to the pitch but was pulled back half-time with a rib holding instead.

The Brazilian, who greeted Jimenez, received seven stitches in a three-inch wound near his hair.

The brain injury organization Charity Headway issued a statement Monday expressing “anger and frustration at the football’s continued failure to protect its players from hatred” and reiterating its view that temporary agitation was “urgently needed”.

Something is not right. This cannot be allowed to continue. How many warnings does football need?

Brain Injury Association Charity Headway

Headway questioned whether Luis would have been cleared to continue if Cuisan had been in the substitute position.

Headway Deputy Chief Executive Luke Griggs said: “Often in football we see players returning to the pitch by assessing the excitement – when after a while it becomes clear to withdraw when they are not fit to continue.

“That’s why we urgently need a replacement for temporary agitation in football. You can’t take risks with head injuries. They’re not like muscle injuries where you can put a player behind to see if they can do it.” When one more blow to the head can have serious consequences.

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“The question that should have been asked was the rule of probable substitution, would Luiz have been allowed to return to the field of play? Would a different decision have been made if that extra time had been taken in the treatment room?

“Conspiracy protocol makes it clear that ‘anyone with a suspicious provocation should be removed from the game immediately’, while in the game ‘if in doubt, sit him down’ continues to lead to head injuries.”

“Again and again we are seeing that this rhetoric is not born out of actions on the pitch. Something is not right. This cannot be allowed to continue. How much warning does football need?”

Headway wrote in support of Jimenez on social media: “All our thoughts right now are with Raul Jimenez, his family and teammates.

“There is no doubt that there will be a lot more discussion about intrusive subs in football, but for now let’s focus our thoughts on Raul.”

Coady: Jimenez awake and breathe

Wolves captain Connor Coedi said everyone’s thoughts on the pitch were with Jimenez and Luiz after their horrific clash.

Caddy immediately went for the header behind Jimenez and Luiz and admitted that the collision shook both sides.

Conor Cody immediately jumped on the ball behind Jimenez and Luiz
Conor Cody immediately jumped on the ball behind Jimenez and Luiz

“It was something you knew straight away – we hope David Lewis is okay too – it was a terrible head-on collision.”

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“This happens in football, but you don’t like watching it and I think the set of both teams went out and then it played properly.

“It was a difficult thing that happened. It’s with the right people and that’s the most important thing. But we just hope and pray that everything is fine because that’s what we’re thinking right now.”

“I was just behind him, so I jumped in with him too and you hear him and, as they descended, he was right next to him. This is something we never want to see.”

“He is in the hospital and by all accounts he is awake and breathing. The first question we asked was ‘How is Raul?’ “It’s important that we remember the game now, but most importantly we sort out Raul.”

Nuno: Jimenez will have a scan but he is alert

Nuno Espirito Santo also appeared cautiously optimistic that Jimenez’s condition was improving, that he was in the hands of medical experts and that tests would be performed.

The Wolves head coach also took pride in being able to absorb the effects of pulling his team-mate and putting the winner on display.

Nuno Espirito Santo has confirmed that Jimenez will undergo tests after his scary head collision with Luiz
Nuno confirms that Jimenez will test after his scary head collision with Lewis

“He’s doing a scan now but he’s conscious, he’s fine inside the gravity of the problem of course,” Nuno said.

“Teammates, through everyone’s reaction, you start hearing code red. When they say it’s red, because it’s serious. It was a bad moment for everyone.

“Both teams and both players, Arsenal players are concerned and we want everything to go well.

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“He speaks, he is aware, but now we have to make a proper assessment but he is in good hands.

“I’m very proud today, I’ve always been but especially today because this team showed heart, willpower, belief. It was really good to see.”

IFAB says trial for permanent consumption substitution could begin in January

David Luiz wears a bloody headband during a game against the Wolves
Luiz wore a bloody head bandage during the game against the Wolves

The game’s lawmakers have announced that tests for an additional permanent consumption substitute could begin in January.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) said its Consumer Expert Group (CEG) met on Wednesday and said it was now preparing the ground for competitions to test the new protocol.

A statement on the IFAB website said, “The members of the expert group recommended a joint consultation with the FIFA Medical Subdivision and other stakeholders, which may begin hearings from January 2021 for any competition wishing to participate.”

The statement also said that the CEG reiterated that the defense of the players is the main goal and needs a clear and uniform approach, which can work effectively at all levels of the game.

“Therefore, the group agreed that using the ‘if in doubt, get them out’ philosophy would be the best way to protect the health of football players.”


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