RC Savasan, it is sponsored by the District Club Youtubers

RC Savasan, it is sponsored by the District Club Youtubers
Now RC Savasson is sponsored by Youtubers! (Photo DR)
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After a challenge, Youtubeur Lucas Studio became a partner of their childhood club, RC Savasson. Back to a beautiful story.

Little, we’ve all played a game already. In France, football is the sport with the youngest members. Lucas was one of them in RC Saivasan. Years passed and Lucas is now YouTuber. This time he decides to sponsor his youth club, to follow a video of buying a field in Scotland.

On YouTube channel on August 25, 2020 Lucas studio Released a video titled “You lose. You buy a football club (yes indeed)”. In this funny video, Pierre Crowe – Another very famous youtuber – And Lucas must answer questions, guess election results and other comedic activities. The loser was to spend 800 Euros in sponsoring Lucas’ childhood club, RC Savasan.

Lucas lost and the two protagonists of the video became the club’s official sponsors. A new jersey was therefore created, with figures for two YouTubers, as well as their first names. RC Saivasan is a small club in Savse village. There are now 27 licensees and only one senior team. Lucas walked through the Town Hall of Studio Savage, offering him the project which was then validated by the club.

The money offered by the two YouTubers was used to fund new jerseys, signs and perhaps finances in future youth teams. “It was a major buzz for the club, Says Aurelane Comete, president of RC Savasan. For the design of the jersey, it was necessary to remain in the savanna’s traditional colors of yellow and blue. So the logo was sent and went through some modifications to be customized in Jersey. “

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After this first video, RC Saivasan saw a lot of change in his image. “We are getting new sponsorship offers from this video” he adds. Hence the club has a new image. A second video was then shot with a football match between RC Saivasan and YouTubers’ team. The captain of the YouTube team was none other than Lucas Studio. The match took place on the lawn of Savage Club and ended with a score of 6 to 1 for RC Saivasan.

Beyond the result, the match was very important to RC Saivasan at the social level. Actually, the match was an important event for the village. The youth were able to see their internet stars through a screen. “It was a great time with him, young people were able to see him and get interested in football in Savas,” Aurelin Komte. When we met Pierre and Lucas, we thought that they could be different people from us, but not at all. He was very simple, took advantage of the present moment in this era of health crisis. “.

The entire village was present for this match. “This was something important to us, to Lucas, and it’s quite possible that this is only the first glimpse” Underlines the chairman of RC Savasan. A beautiful story that has just started.


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