Real Madrid Analysis: Curtois, Vinicius need to start to defend, Jovic improves

Real Madrid Analysis: Curtois, Vinicius need to start to defend, Jovic improves

Real Madrid scored seven of nine points in La Liga on Wednesday night for a 1-0 win at home to Real Valladolid.

Substitute Vinicius Jr. scored the only goal as he converted an annoying effort after 65 minutes and Brazil’s strike proved to be enough to win hard.

“We didn’t play a great match,” admitted Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane. “But we have to be patient and calm. The most important thing was that with a little bit of lending, we would improve.”

Meanwhile, Valladolid coach Sergio Gonzalez said: “Our team did a lot of things well and the result doesn’t show that. We deserved to win one point.”

Cortoise saves Real once again


For the third game in a row in 2020-21, goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois saved Real Madrid with some superb defenses – such as a 0-0 draw at Real Sociedad in the opening weekend and a 3-2 win at Real again. Betis on Saturday.

The Belgian came down to keep striker Shawn Weissman’s shot in the second-half and later made good use of Raul Carnero’s effort. In the first half, he also made significant interventions with scores at 0-0.

“Madrid saved today because they have a great goalkeeper,” former club forward Pedja Mijatovic told Kadena’s SER.

And Zidane was persuaded. “We said that last week. It’s true he saved us and tonight too. That’s what he’s for.” Right now, though, Madrid probably relies a little more on that.

Vinicius needs to start games

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Vinicius Jr. also remains raw and irregular. The Brazilian’s shooting is weak for a player at this level and his decision needs to be improved, but his dribbling scares rival teams and he lacks things happening.

The bench’s presentation against the 20-year-old Valladolid was a mixed bag, as it usually is, depicting moments of real quality and others of despair.

His goal was also annoying and somewhat convenient as the ball landed him in a side-fisted position, although he was reached by the lad Ladloid defender’s boots while he was on the run. Still, he made a difference.

Zidane then said, ‘I am happy with his goal and what he did. “It’s for change.” Given the team’s problems against the goal, it really needs to make a starter.

Jovic improved and goals should come

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Luca Jovic has now started back-to-back games for Real Madrid and his performance against Real Valladolid was a significant improvement over his win at Real Betis on Saturday.

The Serbian striker took intelligent positions and had three good chances to score, first blasting over the bar with a counter-attack in the first half, then going into side netting and later being saved by Roberto Jimenez.

Although Karim Benzema is still in the doldrums in 2020-21, Los Blancos need a goal from somewhere else and although Jovic has not converted this match, it means he is gaining a clear advantage of playing time and should start scoring soon.

Whether he will stay at the club to do so is another matter, however, Zidane denied the loan move. “He’s here right now,” said the Frenchman. “He’s a player on our team.”

Waiting for Hazard

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A major disappointment for Zidane will be the fitness of Aiden Hazard, who has been ruled out for three to four more weeks after a new injury was announced by the club on Wednesday.

The Belgian striker was due to return for the match and was included in the squad, but had to be wary of his side and is also believed to be in doubt for the Clasico against Barcelona on 25 October.

“We have to stay calm,” Zidane said. “It’s a matter of time.” And he will hope to return soon after last summer’s star signing to help Madrid create more opportunities.

Asked by Moviestar + about his international team-mate, Cortois said: “He’s a little sad because he trained really well during the week. It’s a bit of a shock, but it’s not his ankle, and I’m sure he Then he will be with us. [international] Pause. “

Showing a lack of proper pre-season

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Real Madrid made their La Liga debut a week before their two biggest rivals, Barcelona and Atletico, as Los Blancos were not included in the last eight of the Champions League.

Zinedine Zidane’s side returned to competitive action after just one friendly behind closed doors against Getafe, winning 0-0 against a side made up of many young players.

Prepared or lacking, it was clearly not ideal for a team that often takes time to go and Zidane said on Wednesday: “We didn’t have a pre-season to try out different creations.”

Vinicius Jr. also spoke about the team’s lack of rhythm. “We didn’t have any pre-season games and just a few training sessions,” he told Moviestar. “These games are tough, but it’s important to keep winning.”

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