Retro 2020 – Isolation, Justice, Karting, Medipro … Crazy Primer of the Year for French Football (2/4)

Retro 2020 - Isolation, Justice, Karting, Medipro ... Crazy Primer of the Year for French Football (2/4)

Retro 2020

G to M: The second part of the alphabet book dedicated to the year 2020 of French football. France’s separation from other championships, court verdict, Karim Benzema’s Pike for Olivier Giroud …

To guarantee

Definitely a word of the year for French football. There is no doubt that LFP will necessarily have to be preferred in the spring of 2018 to validate tenders for 2020-20 broadcast rights. But failing to do so, the union found itself en route. There is no way when Jame Rauer announced in early October that he wanted to reclaim the amount of rights for the current season. Without protection to keep the Mediapro Group under pressure from their contractual obligations, French football leaders have brought to light their amateurism. One guarantee is that these were the same leaders who had been happy for the state since last spring, when they had to somehow hold off for taking bank loans during the season.

Hidalgo, Herbin, Houllier for H

As if the year wasn’t depressed enough by 2020, French football has lost three of its most illustrious coaches in a few months. The coach of the Blues from 1976 to 1984, Mitchell Hidalgo died in late March. He will remain the coach of the French team, a symbol of a spirited game, “Sevilla 82” and Euro 84, the first major title of the selection. A month later, it was Robert Herbin who followed suit. Saint-िएtienne’s great trainer, “Sphinx”, guided Grace to the final of the CJ in 1976, in addition to four league titles and three French Cups in eleven years at Fourz. Without doubt one of the most successful French coaches outside of France, Gerard Haulier, also died recently. Writer of a crazy 2000–2001 season and crowned with a historic quintet on the Liverpool bench, the former Blues coach then shone with OL. Between Rhône and Saone, he had guided the Goans to two new titles in Lones 1, without entering the quarter-finals in the Champions League.

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For isolation

By deciding to honor without negotiating the government’s decision to stop sporting competitions in the spring, French football leaders had no doubt that their neighbors would do the same. All false Because if England, Spain, Italy or Germany have actually suspended their championships, the leagues allow themselves time to prepare for a recovery in the event of an epidemic. In the end, Ligue 1 found himself isolated in the company of rare domestic competitions, which did not end like Scotland or the Netherlands. Another shock to the “Big 5” is believed to be the dream of being a member of France. Not to mention the recent European campaign of French clubs…

Jay for justice

When the results of the competitions are played off the field. French football is rarely associated with the Council of State. The country’s highest administrative court found itself in the spring with numerous appeals. Because it has been decided to put a definite end to the professional championship the amateurs are far from being unanimous. At the professional level, Lyon, Amiens, Toulouse, Troyes, Aziaco or even Clermont led the sling against the result selected by the LFP. Their leader in leadership, Jean-Michel Aulus, multiplies the output on the iniquity of this decision and its economic impact. But after months of procedures, all were definitively rejected by the Council of State on 23 October. At the amateur level Ditto where the request of amateur clubs to postpone the FFF’s decision was also denied.

For karting

«We don’t confuse F1 with karting, and I’m good.Live on Instagram, Karim Benzema found it wise to add fuel to the fire about the sports rivalry with Olivier Giroud. Arriving in late March, when all championships were suspended, the exit from the Real striker spoke clearly. And if KB9 is still running as tough in Madrid, it is clear that the alleged karting also has something to do with it. Still skilled in the French team, Olivier Giroud offered himself another club that resurrects this fall under the color of Chelsea. In mid-October, the second most prolific scorer in Blues history was a good player in the selection of his former teammates: “History of Karting and F1? It gave me a chance to know him. I have no hard feelings about it. (…) My career with the blues would have been better than being associated with Karim Benzema, but we’ll never know.»

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L to Labrun

Since his tenure as president of the Olympic de Marseille (2011–2016) has disappeared from the radar, Vincent LeBrun suddenly resurfaces on 10 September. An external candidate for the presidency of the LFP, the businessman eventually voted against Michelle Denisotte with 15 votes to 10 on the board of directors. Prior to receiving 48% of the vote in the General Assembly, there is evidence that his candidacy did not achieve consensus. Supported by many clubs not wanting a candidate made by the PSG and OL locomotives, Vincent LeBrun succeeded Nathalie Boy de la Tour as head of the league. And immediately separated from Didier Quillot as managing director.

The Sino-Spanish group was expected to be the Messiah from May 29, 2018, and the TV rights to the billion euros officialization for 2020 1. The euphemism was all the more beautiful when the creation of the Téléfoot channel in partnership with TF1 Made official at least last June. But very quickly, the fog sets in. After the late launch of its channel, Medipro no longer appeared as an actor whom LFP presented as credible two years ago. At 25 Euros per month, customers are not flocked. And its president, Joum Roures, took only two months to come out of the jungle to demand the re-acquisition of rights. Unable to meet their second deadline in October, the group did the same with the third schedule for December. After only a few months of cooperation, the union owed nothing, so the reconciliation process between the two sides came to an end. A nuisance from A to Z.

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Quentin Coldfi

The first part of the French Football Primer of the year


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