Reunion Island Trophies: A Magic Square in Metropolitan France

The Reunion Region and its allies once again covered four courses in the metropolis with traditional Reunion Island trophies, which offered the four big winners an intense stay on the island in particular!

Miraculously retained in 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Reunion Island Trophies were once again able to promote Reunion Golf in mainland France from June to September 2021. reunion area And l’irt, ns Reunion Golf League And Golf Consulting From 20th June. up to four stages golf de vimarex, under the bountiful sky of the opal coast, before three steps in the le de France (golf isabella And Golf of Bisi-Gurmantes in July and at the end Golf de l’Isle Adam 26 September).

After a discovery that always has some much-appreciated local cuisine and drinks, a big winner was named after each of the four trials to benefit from Reunion’s wonderful trip! Thus the four winners will be able to discover the charm of Reunion, without failing to play the island’s three very complementary courses (bourbon golf, Golf Do Basin Blue and nine holes Golf Do Colorado,

Golf Course at Reunion

The Vanilla Islands Pro Am Tour is Resuming in 2021!

Reunion is also a volcanic land of champions and competitions that will rumble with French Open doubles in the wake of the Vanilla Island Pro Am Tour in December. The latter will eventually take place between Mauritius and Reunion from 30 November to 10 December, following a heartbreaking cancellation in 2020.

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