Roy Keane criticizes Man Utud duo Harry McGuire and Marcus Rashford after England beat Belgium

Roy Keane criticizes Man Utud duo Harry McGuire and Marcus Rashford after England beat Belgium

In the first half, Marcus Rash was less impressed with Roy Keane than Shefford’s body language (Photo: Getty)

Manchester United legend Roy Keane said England came in late and showed good character in beating Belgium, but criticized the performance of Harry Maguire and Marcus Rashford in the 2-1 win.

Belgium took control of the Central League clash in the first half after Romlu Lukaku converted from a penalty spot after a tough challenge from Eric Dyer at Wembley.

But Rash Shefford made a spot-kick of his own to equalize just before half-time, and Mason Mount’s deflected long-range strike wrapped up Simon Mignolet in the 64th minute to give the hosts a crucial victory.

Mason celebrates his goal for England's victory over Mount Belgium

Mount’s deprived strike seals 2-1 victory for three lions (Photo: Getty)

Gareth Southgate acknowledged that his players suffered at the time of the result and former United and Republic of Ireland captain Kane claimed he had plenty of room for improvement due to England’s poor decision-making. ITV Sport Studio.

Discussing the penalty shootout in the 16th minute, Kane accused Maguire of “aggravating the situation” by diving into Kevin de Bruyne, which exposed Liaru against Deere.

Key criticizes England players’ poor decision in match (Photo: ITV)

He said: ‘We are talking about decision making, especially against a lot of good teams here.

‘Listen, [Declan] Rice had an excellent night, I thought it was pretty good, but here she finds herself in a bit of a mess in her decision making.

‘He’s pulling in balls where he doesn’t really have to.

Pulled towards Maguire de Bryan who opened Dyer (Photo: ITV)

‘When you make a mistake like this you hope that your partner helps you, but then when it is combined by a mug, they make the situation worse.

Maguire goes when you don’t immediately think, “We’re in trouble here” because you see this guy, Lukaku, is a big, strong, powerful player and you know he’ll move on.

‘In a defensive position your plan is to slow it down if you can make it look huge but Deer does the opposite.’

Kane said Maguire ‘made the bad situation worse’ by making his poor decision. (Picture: ITV)

Keane was also less impressed with Rashford’s performance and criticized the next ‘body language’ before the break.

‘In the first half Rash Rashford was going through the motions,’ he added.

‘I just have to make one point, Rashiford, his body language in his half, he needs to do better.

And then he started doing what he had to do, running towards people, coming forward, doing things fast.

‘Gareth Southgate should say something at half-time, this nonsense ka cut wo, kind of standing on the ball.

‘Pass it and run it, pass it and move it and, again, it was an excellent game between Rice and Rashford at the end but make the game easier.

‘Remember what you got in this England team and it’s in the people’s race. That is your strength. ‘

England have returned to Wembley to host Denmark on Wednesday evening and Harry Kane is expected to return to his squad after starting the bench last night.

Southgate insisted that Kane was not injured before the kick-off and that England captain Mount the Mint came up against Dominic Kurt Levert-Levin shortly after Mount’s winning goal.

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