Rugby Federation bans transgender people from women’s competitions

Rugby Federation bans transgender people from women's competitions

The International Rugby League (IRL) equates it to the Swimming Association (FINA). New rules have been defined for transgender people for women’s competitions.


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  • The Women’s Rugby World Cup takes place in England in November.
  • Transgender athletes are no longer allowed to participate in international competitions.
  • The International Rugby League (IRL) has taken the same decision.

The International Rugby League is following the example of the World Swimming Federation FINA and excluding transgender athletes from international women’s competitions until further notice.

Do you understand IRL’s decision?

This affects, among other things, the World Cup to be held in England in November. A fixed line for trans people is to be established by 2023. IRL basically “the belief that rugby is a sport for all and that everyone can play our game”.

Swimming and athletics associations are also responding

FINA determined on Sunday that trans people can only participate in women’s competitions if they have completed their gender reassignment by the age of twelve. The introduction of a so-called “open” competition category is also being considered.

According to a statement by its president, Sebastian Coe, World Athletics may also follow the new FINA rules for trans people. World cycling federation UCI also updated its rules for the entry of transgender athletes last week and introduced stricter limits. Apart from this, FIFA is working on new guidelines to deal with transgender people.

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