Rugby – Questions and answers about World Cup qualification in Rugby

Rugby - Questions and answers about World Cup qualification in Rugby

What is happening?

Final tickets for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan will be awarded at the so-called Repechage Tournament (11-23 November) in Marseille. Surprisingly there: the German national team. The “Black Eagles” of the German Rugby Association (DRV) are looking to qualify for the World Cup final for the first time.

Against whom is this?

In Marseille, Germany will meet Hong Kong (Sunday, 3:45 pm on ProSieben MAXX), Canada (November 17, 3:45 pm on ProSieben MAXX) and Kenya (23/11, 5:45 pm on ProSieben MAXX). others in Marseille MAXX). The winner of the four-nation event will be able to compete in Group B at next year’s World Cup – featuring legendary “All Blacks” of New Zealand and two-time world champions South Africa.

Does Germany have a chance?

Absolutely. And he, although the team is only allowed to play for a ticket, thanks to a decision on the Green Table and ranked 29th in the world ranking, is the lowest listed participant in repechage. But in recent years German rugby has become more professional and has taken a big step forward. In addition, DRV has hired a team of international top people for the tournament. “We will be the hungriest team and the best prepared”, promised English head coach Mike Ford.

Who’s favorite?

Clearly: Canada. “Maple leaves” have been present at every world championship until now. However, the size curve of Canadians has been steadily downward over the years. Last year they lost to the United States for the first time in a straight World Cup ticket battle for North America qualification. Hong Kong’s pick is a lucky bag, while Kenya is arguably the biggest outsider.

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where can i watch the game?

All games will be shown live and with German commentary on ProSieben MAXX and The moderator is Aiman ‚Äč‚ÄčAbdullah, otherwise best known from the knowledge magazine “Galileo”, but also a former rugby junior national player in Germany. Jan Ludeke works as a commentator.


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