Rugby – Rugby: The last six players join the suit

Rugby - Rugby: The last six players join the suit

LONDON (SID) – Six former rugby players have joined a lawsuit against several sports associations over serious delay effects. It was announced by the law firm Rylands, which would represent nine clients in proceedings against the World Rugby Association, English and Welsh Associations.

Last week, former English world champion Steve Thompson, his compatriot Michael Lipman and Welshman Alix Pofham sued. Adam Hughes (Wales) and Neil Spence (England) were added, with the other four wanting to remain anonymous. The firm is in contact with more than 130 players from 20 years old to over 50 years of age.

The plaintiffs accuse the World Federation that they did not protect them “from the risk of detention”. The affected people have prepared a list of 15 rules that World Rugby would like to implement to make the game safe.

Criticizing associations published a joint statement. It said he felt “deeply saddened” to hear these personal accounts of former players. He continued: “Rugby is a contact sport and although there is some risk in the game, players’ well-being in rugby is taken very seriously and remains a top priority.”

Thompson was diagnosed with early onset dementia and suspected chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in November. “I don’t remember winning the 2003 World Cup or playing in Australia,” the 42-year-old said. His colleagues also complain of similar problems.

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