Rugby – Six Nations Tournament and German Problems

Rugby - Six Nations Tournament and German Problems

Ireland’s Jacob Stockdale stretches for a successful attempt against England (Charlie Forgum-Bailey/Sportimage/Imago)

Of course there was a lot going on on St. Patrick’s Day, especially among Irish people. And the game went well for Ireland too – the final score was 24:15. England put up a lot of pressure in the beginning. But the Irish played smart. A stupid foul saw England and Ireland make the first attempt, scoring the first point.

Ireland were already clearly ahead by half time and then took oath in the second half. Irish fans were very satisfied.

Big interest despite the decision of the tournament

Among the Six Nations, especially the home nations, ie British teams Wales, Scotland, England and Ireland, can do much more than just win the tournament.

There is really only one Ireland in rugby. The Irish Rugby Federation did not split into splitting the country into a North and a Republic. This is why a United Ireland can actually play in rugby.

But this is not the only feature. If a British team beats the other three, it has won the Triple Crown. That was at stake for Ireland today and a little bigger: the Grand Slam. Win against all opponents. Getting it on St. Patrick’s Day is certainly perfect for Ireland.

lots of bravery opportunities

On the one hand, rugby is incredibly difficult. On the other hand, sometimes terrible, loud players listen to the referee. There really is no nagging, swallowing and the like in rugby. And video proof works too.

So: Although rugby and football were historically similar, there is a clear boundary that many people prefer very much. Among other things, because fairness plays an important role in rugby.

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game flow, dynamism, toughness

From a purely marketing point of view, rugby was also fortunate in that amateur football in Great Britain is protected from a ban on broadcasting to professionals on Saturday afternoons. During this blackout period, however, it is great to watch rugby on TV.

And it’s a really cool game to watch: the game has a flow, the game is incredibly dynamic. And if you’re not the victim yourself, it’s certainly fun to watch when people run over each other.

The situation in Germany is difficult.

It looks quite disappointing for the German players and teams. In rugby union, the world’s most popular version with 15 players per team, Germany plays fewer leagues than the six nations – in the Europe Championship, where you can also qualify for the World Cup. But so far this year, there have been four crushing defeats in four matches. Tomorrow is another match against Russia in Cologne. Chances are bad there too, but Germany are already at the bottom of the table and will have to play against relegation in May.

Big goal of being in the World Cup is utopian in the long run

Then there is Sevens Rugby, which is the Olympics. For example, national players can also be promoted as sports soldiers. But to really get attention, the team has to go to games, and it’s extremely difficult with only 12 starting places. And it can really only be the starting pad, as international 15-a-side rugby and the World Cup are important.

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Zoff in Association

The German Rugby Association has worked with Capri-gold owner Hans-Peter Wilde for years. He founded an academy and wanted to make rugby big in Germany. But now he is accusing the association of not promoting professionalization of players and not working in a financially transparent manner. The association, in turn, speaks of the lack of leadership in the Academy.

It’s more against each other than against each other. So it doesn’t look like German participation in the top field in rugby at the moment.


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