Rugby: Wales or France? – Rugby

  Rugby: Wales or France?  - Rugby

83 mins at the Stade de France: Bryce Dulin attempts France’s fourth. Photo: imago

By Klaus-Peter Bach

Heidelberg. Wales or France? The question of the winner in the six-nation tournament of the major European rugby teams will only be clarified in the catch-up game between the French and Scotland on Friday. The match, which was canceled on 28 February due to several positive coronovirus tests in the French delegation, will be rescheduled to 9pm at the Stade de France.

On the fifth and final match day, Leaders Wales suffered their first defeat at St Denis with 30:32 and lost the Grand Slam. However, the “Red Dragons” overcame a defensive bonus point for the winner with a margin of seven or less points and led the table with a positive game point account of 20 value points and 61 points. Winners France (15 points, +41) could win the tournament in a catch-up game if coach Fabin Galthi’s team beat the Scots by 21 points and gained an offensive bonus point through four or more attempts.

However, the Scots are not “cannon fodder” like the Italians, who had to accept Edinburgh’s loss to Murrayfield with 10:52 (10:24), but in the sixth minute after an attempt to lift Paolo Babisi by Luca Bigi. 7-0 in the lead. But then “Brave Heart” made seven attemptsE Huckler Dave Cherry (2), corner three quarters Duhan van der Merwe (2) and Darcy Graham, Huw Jones and Sam Johnson inside and crowd half Scott Steele. Playmaker Stuart Hogg scored with six runs scored. Italy had no chance in this tournament, but would certainly win nine out of ten games against European champions Georgia.

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Defending champions England lost to Ireland at Lansdowne Road in Dublin with 16:32 (6:20) and lost to all their neighbors And has slipped to fifth position. In 2019, the runners-up made two tries, like the Irish (right winger Keith Earls for Ireland and striker Jack Conan, outside Johnny May for England and outside Johnny May), but several technical violations of the “Rose Team” led to Ireland’s playmaker Led. In addition to Jonathan two increments, Sixton was also successful with six penalty kicks, a 100 percent hit rate and contributed 22 points.

The match at Equipe Tricolore’s first home game this season on Saturday evening at the Stade de France was the best tournament game in a good ten years – a thriller that had a very happy ending for the French. As Wales held the lead until three minutes before the final whistle with 20:30 to play, 27 X were caught before “XV de France” and Brice Dulin’s effort with 32 minutes left in the third minute of stoppage time of the game. With the final attack: 30 (17: 17) won. La Rochelle’s goalkeeper threw France’s large rugby community into a frenzy and maintained their hopes of winning the tournament. In addition to Dulin, second-line giants Romain Taofifenua, scrum half Antoine DuPont and cross-striker and captain Charles Olivan made four tries and earned the offensive bonus point. Early injured Matthew Jalibert (4) and substitute playwright Romain N’Tack (8) scored twelve kick points. Welsh were successful through outside efforts from playmaker Dan Biggar, flanker Josh Naveedi and Josh Adams, with Biggar scoring 15 kick points. After the final whistle, his terror was unending. But they are still front runners…

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Six Nations Tournament, 5th Match Day: Scotland vs Italy 52:10, Ireland vs England 32:18, France vs Wales 32:30. – Table: 1. Wales (5 games) +61 game points, 20 points; 2. Ireland (5) +48.15; 3. France (4) +41.15; 4. Scotland (4) +43, 11; 5. England (5 / TV) -9, 10; 6. Italy (5) -184, 0.- Catch-up game, Friday, 9pm: France – Scotland in St. Denis.

European Championship, Division 1: Russia – Georgia 6:23, Romania – Spain 22:16. – Table: 1. Georgia (3 / TV) 14 points; 2. Romania (3) 9; 3. Russia (2) 4; 4. Spain (2) 4; 5. Portugal (2) 1.


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