Rugby World Cup in Japan – Lessons for the 2020 Olympics

Rugby World Cup in Japan - Lessons for the 2020 Olympics

In the quarter-finals, hosts Japan were eliminated in the Rugby World Cup (Imago/Kyodo News)

Even if they’re kicked out: Brave Blossom has already achieved something sensational at the Rugby World Cup in Japan. For the first time, he made it to the quarter-finals of a tournament performed by his fans. Ratings went through the roof.

Cheers to a Multicultural Team

Japan, a country still grappling with immigration, is praising a multicultural team led by a New Zealand coach – and realizing that it was apparently the team mix that drove success. It is to be expected that this fact will spread to the rest of society, and especially to the right-wing conservative government. Like dealing with tattoos at the Rugby World Cup. In the run-up it was said that the tattoo should be covered up so as not to scare the Japanese – hardly anyone took it seriously – and lo and behold: there was no outcry. This has raised hopes for the Olympics next year.

Tokyo 2020 needs a Plan B

The Rugby World Cup is a dress rehearsal for Tokyo 2020 and shows where the challenges lie for next year. At least the Paralympics come in the middle of hurricane season. Will the competitions then have to be cancelled – as is the case with rugby? It must be difficult, here you need a plan B.

The Japan national rugby team observed a minute's silence before their game against Scotland to commemorate the victims of the typhoon.

Thinking of the victims of the storm
The game between Japan and Scotland at the Rugby World Cup in Japan “was affected by the devastation caused by Typhoon Hagibis,” reported Felix Lil, a Japan-based journalist on DLF. However, the enthusiasm for the game of rugby is unwavering – even though it is still relatively young.

The Japan national rugby team in a friendly against South Africa.

Dress Rehearsal for the Olympics
The Rugby World Cup is starting in Japan. Nine months before the Olympic Games in Tokyo, it is like a test for the organisers. The Rugby World Cup is the third largest sporting event in the world after the Games and the World Cup.

July 25, 2019, Tokyo, Japan - Giant banners of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are displayed outside the Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank to promote the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.  Tokyo marks a year leading up to the 2020 Olympics with Olympic emblems and photographs of Japanese athletes in some buildings in the Nihonbashi district in Tokyo.  The Games are scheduled to open on July 24, 2020.  PublicationsxINxGERxSUIxAUTxHUNxONLY (108582889)

suspicion is rising
Energetic, radiant, invincible: like a giant steamboat, the Tokyo 2020 project is moving in full swing towards the Olympics next year. But people are getting restless. The government is ruthless and the first victims are already there.

The Erieke Gymnastics Center will serve primarily as a sports facility for gymnasts and rhythmic gymnasts at the 2020 Olympics.

Fear rules in Tokyo
Suspicion of corruption, cost of exploding, shoddy working conditions: Japan’s capital is in bad shape a year before the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Nobody wants to wait for the Olympics. The organizing committee gets caught up in contradictions.

more information in english

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And above all: Japan should become more aware of its role as an international host. There are still many things difficult for tourists and journalists because there is no information in English. It became apparent again after a severe storm – but also during public viewing, which Tokyo was moved indoors to at short notice – but it was read only in Japanese.

Celebrate the world as a host

Overseas fans heard upon his arrival: “Sorry, sorry: full.” While the Japanese were let go – they apparently got a ticket somewhere on the net. Not a particularly appropriate move that caused unnecessary frustration. Through the Olympics, Japan has a chance to attract people from all over the world. It would be a pity if it failed because of something as simple as a lack of language skills, because it also gives the impression: we want you to come, but we’re not really interested in you.


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